Professor Han North Korea nuclear test or will lead to volcano

Professor Han: North Korea nuclear test or will lead to the eruption of a volcano in Changbai Mountain [global network reporter Wei Yue] according to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on February 18th, studies have shown that the North Korean nuclear test may lead to the eruption of a volcano in Changbai Mountain. Han professor Hong Tai research group of earth system Yonsei University analysis of the North Korean nuclear test influence of Changbai Mountain volcano, and argued that when the equivalent of nuclear test 7 earthquake scale, the magma chamber under a pressure of 120 thousand kPa will rise to the highest, is likely to induce eruption. If this pressure is applied, bubbles will form in the magma chamber, and magma will flow out of the earth’s surface. So far, there has been no earthquake magnitude over 7 in the North Korean nuclear test. But from the size of 3.6 earthquake in 2006 the first round of North Korean nuclear test to the earthquake last month reached fourth nuclear test level 5.1, the North Korean nuclear test scale has continued to increase. It has not yet studied the quantity and nature of underground magma in Changbai Mountain, so it is pointed out that there are some problems in this study. Yin Chengxiao, Professor of Earth Science Education at Busan University, who has been engaged in the study of the volcanic activity in Changbai Mountain, said that the magma chamber in Changbai Mountain is an unknown area. In the absence of accurate information, speculate the possibility of volcanic eruption in Changbai Mountain, somewhat hastily. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

韩教授:朝鲜核试验或将引发长白山火山喷发   【环球网报道 记者 魏悦】据韩国《中央日报》2月18日报道,有研究显示,朝鲜的核试验可能会引发长白山火山喷发。   韩国延世大学地球系统系专业教授洪泰研究组分析了朝鲜核试验对长白山火山产生影响,并主张称,当进行相当于7级地震规模的核试验时,岩浆房所受的压力最高将上升至120千帕,很可能会诱发岩浆喷出。若施加这种程度的压力,岩浆房内将会形成气泡,岩浆将会喷出地表。   迄今为止的朝鲜核试验中,未出现地震规模超过7级的情况。但从地震规模为3.6级的2006年朝鲜第一轮核试验到地震规模达到5.1级的上个月第四轮核试验,朝鲜核试验规模一直在持续增加。   现在还未对长白山地下岩浆的量和性质进行研究,因此,有人指出这一研究存在问题。一直从事长白山火山活动研究的釜山大学地球科学教育系教授尹成孝表示,长白山岩浆房是未知领域。在没有准确信息的情况下推测长白山火山爆发的可能性,多少有些操之过急。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: