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Tourism: rich China anti-poverty new way – Beijing, China News Agency, Xingyi, September 12: Tourism Poverty Alleviation: rich Chinese poverty author Yang Yun He Shan "a new way of anti poverty is a topic of the world, and the tourism industry is the global proven effective way." Held at the 2016 International Conference on the eve of the mountain tourism and outdoor sports, in the Standing Committee of the state committee of the secretary general, the Minister of propaganda Chen Guofang told this reporter, "Qianxi Prefecture had been exploring the mountain tourism promotion path out of poverty, has established the design of Pro poor tourism depth, moderate, preliminary three levels." International Mountain Tourism and outdoor sports conference is approved by the State Council, China’s only mountain tourism as the theme of national, international high-end summit. First held in 2015, this is the first time the National Tourism Administration jointly organized by China’s western province of Guizhou, the International Conference on mountain tourism. "Can we make a difference in helping the poor?" Some experts said, "Chinese is the world’s largest developing country, has been an active advocate and a powerful promoter of world poverty reduction, Qianxi Prefecture as China western underdeveloped area, through the mountain tourism is exploring the path and reference samples." "Tourism poverty alleviation is characterized by the market mechanism, highlighting the advantages of the market mechanism." Wang Zhigang, a famous planner, said, "through tourism channels, the transfer and redistribution of national wealth can be realized." In recent years, Guizhou County of Zhenfeng has a strong style of Buyi Village — Nakong village, relying on national culture and landscape, promote the development of cultural tourism. By the end of 2015, the impoverished population decreased from 169 in 2014 616 to 82 households of 242 people. Different from Nakong village development, Guizhou Xingyi city Wanfenglin cultural and creative entrepreneurial base is based on the national 4A scenic spot Wanfenglin, Wanfeng Lake, Maling River Canyon and other natural native resources, the development of tourism industry, culture, health, and create the world mountain tourist destination. Guizhou Qinglong county was successfully held the first International Conference on mountain tourism Qinglong branch of a series of activities, Yi Torch Festival TV drama twenty-four turn, significantly enhance the visibility of Qinglong. 2015, the county’s cultural industry assets of 470 million yuan, operating income of $106 million, an increase of $85 million, accounting for the proportion of the county’s GDP rose from 0.74% to 1.91%, ranking statewide by third. From Australia Travel Planner Jack believes that "tourism is not a simple, one-sided helping to give money to the matter, but the development of local tourism resources, the formation of tourism products, tourism industry chain, to attract external tourism consumption market, driven by poor population when local participation in tourism business service development, get rid of poverty the industrialization of poverty, thus has the hematopoietic function of cultivating advantage industries, enhance the development ability of the." "At present, China’s tourism industry is in a state of strong demand and insufficient supply. As long as the development of tourism is appropriate, it can achieve results." Study on the problem of poverty alleviation scholar Liang Hong believes that compared with the traditional breeding)相关的主题文章: