Players in China and the United States offered a charity tournament of small players to chase the dr-mcncc

The players show charity game players chase basketball debut feast dream – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in August 29, (Zhang Shijian) the evening of 28, 2016 Yao Foundation Charity event at the start of the Fuzhou Strait Olympic sports center. China from Zhou Qi and the United States, Wang Zhelin, Aaron, Gordon, zaven?? and other outstanding basketball players together for the Fuzhou fans send a wonderful game. In the third quarter of the game, the children from the hope primary school and the two professional players together debut, became a highlight of the game. Yao fund charity since 2007 successfully held five sessions in Fuzhou this year to enter the sixth. Yao Ming said in an interview, the game ticket sales will be donated to the Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season "project, Fujian, Minqing County, Yongtai county and other areas affected by the typhoon, the reconstruction of school sports venues and facilities to help local. The picture is Aaron? Gordon in the two attack dunk. Li Nanxuan taken the first and the two and four games of the tournament by the Nike stars against China basketball star team, two players in the game and give full play to the basketball and basketball technology itself, often staged all kinds of wonderful goals. From the hope that the primary school players debut on the third quarter became the highlight of the game. The bottom line, after the turn change to break layup, flying cap, fadeaways, small players on the pitch often staged various high level basketball players, though they are not occupation tall, but they had a fighting spirit is not lost occupation player. After the game, the game’s debut in the 12 year old player Bao Siyuan said, had been living in rural areas, and by participating in the Yao Foundation Charity event, let yourself to the outside world have more understanding, thank you very much for this opportunity to own the Yao foundation. Aaron, a player from NBA, said that when it comes to young players, these children have a lot of potential, if they can continue to work hard, will have the opportunity to enter the NBA play. Aaron said that he is very happy to be able to use basketball to help the community, the future of the world belongs to the children, and I hope to do their best to let the children better face the world through sports. Chinese player Wang Zhelin said, this is a children’s game, I hope that in the future there will be more opportunities for children to do their own things. Yao Ming said in an interview, believe that sports can not only bring the children a strong physique, but also stimulate the child’s potential, especially to challenge their own limits in the game, this feeling will be more profound, hope to have more children can be enough to progress through sports. (end)相关的主题文章: