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Players completely ignore the soldiers Cara praise let soldiers scenery is no longer – Sina hearthstone legend area, "Cara praise night" before the opening, the status of soldiers has been greatly improved, but now has become a history. The soldiers have as many as six types: fast attack warfare, anti war, war, war, the Dragon King war, G W OTK war. The diversity of this form of career so that the diversity of thieves want to cry. What is worth looking forward to? It’s never reliable to predict what’s going to happen in the new version. Every time some cards seem to shake the environment. Carla Xan Lee had Barnes and Prince Marc Zar, the disaster of these cards, especially a disaster, people think this card will let the soldiers become stronger. A lot of people who want to join the anti war Barnes card group, because there are a lot of powerful anti war ability high fees entourage group card. Prince Marc Zar is also considered a good choice, because the anti war is often tired to go. The disaster seems to holy crap, anti war new means of dealing with a small entourage of hate. Although the volume for everyone, but the anti war Gouhuo ability is not a problem, is difficult to control the scene. What didn’t happen? Barnes with opera released, finally appeared in the group of animal husbandry, and the resurrection card game in every medium. The soldier seems to be not interested in calling a mini version of the attendant, he cares more about the card, and the warrior’s card team is not too concerned about the resurrection of the attendant. The exhibition hall was supposed to be one of the most important areas, but some of the cards were disappointing. The disaster is one of them. In addition to the museum guard and curator of the beast, the other cards seem to be less discussed. We see people discussing leopard tricks, raving grimoire, purification and even Rune egg — although this card was strange, but did not see the discussion of the disaster. What happened? Players have completely ignored the soldiers, I do not know because there are more interesting career cards, or that the environment will be stabilized after the soldiers will rebound. But there is one thing that really happens. VS’s data show that hunters have replaced the status of soldiers as the most popular profession, and many people think it will be more popular. We all know that the wolf will be very strong, there are many people underestimate the Huntress and leopard trick. The latter is very important to return now turn the popular hunting ladder. As for Barnes, everyone did not think this card in the hunter card group is so good, let the hunter have a strong scene in four charges can. This is obviously bad for soldiers. The hunter can cause damage, but also the key. The hunter was not very popular for a long time before, and that was why the soldiers had been so beautiful. Although the soldiers have advantages in the late, but once the soldiers did not get the advantage in the beginning and retained, hunters can cause enough damage to kill soldiers. Now, with a strong pre – hunter, has returned to the top of the food chain. Karazan left the last area is not open, players do not have to worry about who will rule the environment, we do not know who can laugh last, but at least so far, the hunter has.相关的主题文章: