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Place to keep stealth four winds problem: a message signal farmhouse meeting invoice – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 13 (reporter Pan Qi, Sun Renbin, Qin Huajiang) Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, many Commission issued a notice, requirements on the node, seriously deal with the four winds problem. Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter in Liaoning, Jiangsu and other places found that, at present, remediation Festival four winds problem results are obvious. But at the same time, in some places the stealth "four winds" still exists, gifts, treat a more subtle way, even with SMS, telephone signal; crab village farmhouse to open office supplies invoices, meeting. Before much discipline, more firmly put gifts on wind discipline have recently issued a notice, notification, thorough investigation of the festival "four winds". The reporter combing found that since the party’s eighteen years, from the central to the local festive window "propaganda" has become a rule, ensure delicate gas is during the holiday season. Daily economic news reporter noted that the Communist Party of China accountability regulations in July this year, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, said in a notice, will be based on the regulations of the four winds and the violation of the provisions of the act of eight serious accountability. At the same time, many of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and reporting of the spirit of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight typical cases, including the contents of the holiday corruption. The day before, the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Xiamen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, informed the number of typical cases, involving the illegal payment of holiday tourism, public funds, accepting illegal gifts gifts and other aspects. In September 8th, the Commission launched the site supervision and reporting exposure area, area of the "weekly bulletin column from September 14th onwards, for four consecutive weeks of investigation of the discipline inspection organs at all levels in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, giving names bulletin exposure. Reporters found that in the notice around the invisible four winds is the focus of attention. Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection said, in and out of secret places, hidden into the party organization, the behavior of underground, make only superficial changes severely dealt with. At the same time, to investigate the responsibility of the relevant units and their responsible personnel to provide the place, funds and expenses for the convenience of payment. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection said, especially for the recessive variant of the four winds issue, deep study, will not be tolerated, to prevent the rebound resurgence, a prominent problem in the regions and departments to serious accountability. The festival "four winds" there are still more subtle forms of journalists in Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu and other places found that at present, still Festival "four winds" eradication, some local gifts more subtle forms of public consumption, activities still exist. – pressure significantly reduced gifts, cooked in the world is still walking". Mr. Lin told reporters in the northeast to do business, now spending a lot less than a few years ago holiday. "In the past to the feast to the party or government leadership to do more shopping card to Zhang Qianyuan even cash this year from the factory set dozens of boxes of moon cakes, the purchase price of 200 yuan per box, reducing the cost of many gifts." At the same time, acquaintances gifts still more. "On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, a moon cake factory received hundreds of thousands of boxes of high-end moon cake orders are still very easy to sell tea, or with a set of exquisite tea, the price is not low." Kazakhstan.相关的主题文章: