Ping An Securities apple industry chain business performance for the better remonstrate

Ping An Securities: apple industry chain manufacturers performance better [industry analysis] apple industry chain manufacturers performance to Beijing on September 8th morning, apple officially released a new generation of iPhone mobile phone – 7 iPhone (4.7 inches) and iPhone7 Plus (5.5 inches), including silver, gold, rose gold and other five kinds of color. We believe that the more gorgeous screen, more 16nm A10 dual core processor, advanced edition camera (4K 60fps), dual camera (5.5 inch), wide gamut screen, pressure sensitive Home key, support waterproof and dustproof function and 3.5 mm headset interface and AirPods headset is to cancel the iPhone new machine highlights. We expect 16 full year iPhone Plus shipments of 90 million, of which 15Q3 shipments of 40 million, 15Q4 shipments of 50 million. The market is expected to be full year iPhone 7 Plus can ship about 100 million, indicating that the market for iPhone 7 Plus optimistic, as well as the formation of the alternative to iPhone 6S Plus. With Apple’s new release, the second half of the upcoming "eleven Golden Week" and the traditional European Christmas shopping season will help iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus market sales, we are optimistic about the apple industry chain manufacturers in the second half of the performance, we recommend investors to actively layout, focus on blue Synopsys, GoerTek shares, sunway communication, USI electronics luxshare, DESAY battery, sunwoda and An Jie’s science and technology etc.. PB business development to create a new blue ocean sail brokerage force PB business mainly to the two types of institutions: one is the benefit of securities companies, we believe that the PB business threshold is higher, the comprehensive strength and strong capital strength of the brokerage has more advantages, recommendations concern China Merchants Securities, China Securities, Huatai securities, Guoxin Securities is two; the trading system suppliers, regardless of the current size of the broker, PB trading system is the basic system of outsourcing, transaction and suppliers benefit, concern about the proposed gold card stock, Hundsun, win win etc.. [company rating] recommended JAC relying on the public’s brand and technical advantages, the joint venture is expected to obtain new energy vehicle market recognition, new energy automotive products itself is expected to make a good profit prospects. Recently issued by the national development and Reform Commission, the new energy vehicle carbon quota management approach (Draft), the future of carbon quotas can be traded. Jac Volkswagen new joint venture main new energy vehicles, will produce a surplus carbon quota, JAC benefit from. Maintain the company’s performance forecast of 20162017 2018EPS was $0.78 to $0.95 to maintain the recommended rating ().相关的主题文章: