Philippine police accused of hiring female killer assassination drug traffickers, to kill a person

Philippine police accused of hiring female killer assassination drug traffickers, to kill a person less than 3 thousand yuan to fight crime Duthel Te strongman famous folk legend the gang was born the original title: Philippines police hired killer to assassinate drug traffickers, kill a person less than 3000 yuan in Philippines’s drug problem is serious, the folk rumors gangster from the new president Duthel Te, known for its crime strongman. When he took office vowing "within half a year, killing 100 thousand criminals, two months since the implementation of the" war on drugs ", claiming that" drug traffickers and drug addicts are not human, such as the case of resistance should be directly shot". As of August 21st, the country has 1779 people without trial, extrajudicial execution. Not only that, the police also employ female assassination drug traffickers, killing one person and each will receive 20 thousand pesos (about 2875 yuan). But there was a woman who said she was nervous and was not allowed to leave the assassination squad. The Philippines inquirer reported in response to human rights: Walter accused garbage is not a human female killer performs a task was paid 20 thousand pesos according to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on 28 June 30th, was sworn in, Walter vowed to kill 100 thousand prisoners in 6 months. In order to achieve this goal, he authorized police killed resisting arrest or countering the drug traffickers, he also called for ordinary people to join the "war on drugs". In this context, Philippines women usher in a new job opportunities, they were hired by the police as a professional killer, specifically to assassinate drug traffickers. Reported that the Philippines police have chosen women to perform the assassination task, because they can not cause suspicion in the case of close to the target. Maria (a pseudonym) is a professional killer employed by the Philippines authorities, her assassination team and three other female members. Since Duthel Te became president, she has killed 5 drug traffickers, every time a shot to the head. When a reporter asked the person who issued the assassination order, Maria’s answer was quick and straightforward: "our boss, the police." Maria and her husband came from a poor neighborhood in Manila and had little fixed income before they became a killer. The first is her husband by the police recruit killer, but as criminals more alert, they need an easy draw their attention to the female killer, so, in her husband’s recommendation, Maria also became a killer. Each execution of an assassination mission, the killer can earn up to 20 thousand pesos (about $2875) compensation, but the money needs to be distributed to members of the same group of Philippines. Still, it’s still a lot of money for low-income people in Philippines. The boss threatened to kill the assassination team members who tried to leave, although the pay is high, but Maria regret the choice of the work". "I feel guilty, I have the spirit of high tension, I don’t want to be looking for revenge." Maria said she also worried about their children know the truth after the reaction, I do not want to let them know that we rely on money to kill." Right now, Maria still has a copy of the contract to be executed, and she hopes it will be her last mission. But because the boss threatened to kill any attempt to leave the assassination team members, she felt "being".相关的主题文章: