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Perth Chinese Female Artist: the murder case was traced to the new network lifetime often new network in September 18 Casino – Xinhua Australia network quoted the "Australia daily" reported that local time 17, July 2nd, 57 year old Ms. Chen’s body was operating in Perth Fremantle in the north of the Swan River on the fishermen, Ms. Chen was dismembered the body is placed in a blue suitcase. Inside the box with some blue tiles with yellow flower pattern pieces, the weight of the tile to let the body sink to the bottom of the river. According to Wood, the former Royal Perth casino staff broke the news, Ms. Chen had frequented casinos, even up to a week and 6 nights to 7 night at the casino, but the strange thing is, she just let the staff to record her win, without losing record. The casino staff said, Ms. Chen is often gambling group one, "she often appeared in the casino, and always the same people to play baccarat (baccarat) or a poker card game in Dezhou (Texas hold’em’), and other members of the group play disc when she looked at. This group of up to 10 thousand yuan ($/ night, the same below), but they can always win 20 thousand to 30 thousand yuan, and Ms. Chen night to play hundreds of yuan. However, Ms. Chen has a habit, that is her identity card in the casino, she always recorded only her win, without losing record. When the lost money, she would not have identity cards to us, but she will give us a winning identity card to let us record, so the record ID card are winning record." Currently, Ms. Chen’s Casino identity card has been handed over to the Royal casino Analysis Center (Austrac) for analysis. The casino staff said, "we have been very curious whether there have some form of money laundering, because she only wanted to win record. This is very strange, because if the use of identity card casino game player record of winning and losing behavior, you can get a part of losing money, but she did not, she just wanted to let Austrac see her winning behavior." Currently, the case is under investigation.相关的主题文章: