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People’s Daily: the pressure does not belong to the Orangemen can still win applause [Ganpin information] national football Night Hotel specially arrived in South Korea fans greeted the red carpet shop formerly: Chinese team twelve match gas (Z comments) have eagerly looking forward to the fans around the country, China’s win or lose, just leave without fear of enemies, dare Ganpin image, are will get applause and cheers. The Rio Olympics aftersound entirely, China football journey and Rev. A group of online Chinese team at the World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 pictures, triggering hot fans. Chinese men or those familiar faces, but the image of A fighting spirit soars aloft. take on an altogether new aspect. 15 years later, Chinese football has finally regained the World Cup qualifiers in the Asian Games decisive stage. Since there is no reason to embark on the journey, overcautious. Always say "barefoot shoes are not afraid", when this situation is in front of you, perhaps even the opponents do not know whether or not afraid of China team, Chinese team no more of their qie. The world cup is the Asian teams are most concerned about the game, all these years of competition, Chinese team just won a tough draw. Admit opponents over me, do not equal to escape. Not only can not win the fans attention, but also look at the Chinese team can also see the opponent go with head high and chest out, let China football. As long as the country enough to fight, but also to win applause, some people say that the Chinese team into the top 12 have earned, to win a lot of money to make a. Indeed, at this point, no one is willing to give the "scapegoat", but the Chinese team which can overcome the China opponent dare say an easy job to do? Not yet heard. Even with this release, also is to give him courage. Soccer, the paper advantage is difficult to count, Chinese football once the losses suffered, there have also been river capsizing lessons. Now it is for the role, the opponent can try overturned. With this momentum, the foot to angry, the heart to relax, this is the most difficult. Not only the Chinese team has been doing a good job, many teams can not always do a good job. Therefore, the Chinese team should instead be the most open to the strength and situation theory, tension and pressure does not belong to Chinese football. China Football Association and the society provides much better than before the guarantee for the team’s campaign, is looking forward to play football not negative people expect morale. Moreover, the 12 round of the competition for more than a year, the first two dozen bad, not no chance. China women’s volleyball team at the Olympic Games in the group phase lost 3 games in qualifying teams in points at least, not catch up from behind it? Brazil, Holland, Serbia 3 teams, which China disadvantagefrom than women? Bear country fans looking forward to the football field, even if there is no miracle happen as long as men The weak overcame the strong., Chinese left without fear of enemies, dare Ganpin image, also can get applause and cheers.相关的主题文章: