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People’s Daily: Grand Science and technology creation is no longer human patent it – View – perhaps in front of artificial intelligence, also only human pride is creativity. However, the latest development of artificial intelligence may be the "first" stripped the human coat. According to reports, the first artificial intelligence involved in the creation of the film has been completed in the near future, is currently raising $22 thousand to raise funds to help its release. Previously, many technology companies have tried to create artificial intelligence. For example, Google products "deep dream" in painting creation, belonging to the "Google brain Magenta project can compose etc.. The film, created by the enhanced AI software tool, is called "impossible". It tells the story of a mother who lost her daughter, under the influence of supernatural powers. The creative staff said, artificial intelligence through the analysis that a ghost and family movie meets the tastes of the audience, and to the piano and the movie trailer in bath. The development of artificial intelligence is remarkable, especially in recent years there is a trend of acceleration. Deep learning not only make artificial intelligence has certain logical thinking ability, but also let it become the world’s top players, and was hired as a creative director. The creation of artificial intelligence means that creative, deep learning is moving toward a new height. "The first venture capitalists," said Jim Breyer? Prophecy, the future, artificial intelligence, but also on the performance of casting the film, budget and so well on the job, and then change the film industry. However, if the creation process into artificial intelligence can be found, although the artificial intelligence can be a "writer", but its creation principle still differs in nature and human. All kinds of excellent performance of artificial intelligence are based on the existing experience, data learning and analysis. In the process of film creation, artificial intelligence through the analysis of the audience watching the reaction of the film, to help people to design the audience to achieve the desired effect. The creation of human beings is not only the artist’s experience and experience, but also the inspiration and passion. So, what is the creation of artificial intelligence is not creative? This leads us to a metaphysical question: what is the relationship between art and its carrier? For example, can mean destruction tore poetry poetry? Can the actor who plays Lin Daiyu equate to the image of Lin Daiyu in the book? If the answer is no, then, artificial intelligence is only a carrier, carrying the human spirit of the world. After all, artificial intelligence is a program designed by humans, although its algorithm is data, but its "experience" are the results of human wisdom. As a result, the so-called artificial intelligence creation, but also for the re interpretation of existing human works. Artificial intelligence will not be creative, the problem of this tangle is probably derived from the fear of the human heart. As human beings, we are not willing to admit that we are created by our own "things", all aspects of the ability to transcend the human. In particular, when artificial intelligence learns to create independent activities that are independent of human beings, they are conscious and free from human beings相关的主题文章: