People net invested 25 million yuan acquisition and Chen information to expand existing sales channe

classification of information ecology people network service providers (Stock Code: 836012) the day before the announcement that in cash invested 25 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai and Chen Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chen and information") 100% stake.

people network was founded in 2005, is a classified information and local consumer services website, is committed to providing "connecting all life needs" of the information platform, help users to easily find and release the second-hand goods transactions, second-hand car trading, housing, job recruitment, dating activities, pet adoption, life service life of local information.

people’s network currently has about 200 people, after the completion of the 6 round of financing, in March 2016 listed on the new board landing. Public information display, people in the first half of 2016 operating income was 158 million yuan, an increase of 163.68%, net profit of $8 million 252 thousand, an increase of 133.02%.

and Chen information was established in 2007, is a focus on enterprise level IT application overall planning consulting, development, deployment, and cloud services, full life cycle solutions provider. At present, the application of cloud services, mobile Internet and large data already has a complete technical solution, not only accumulated a large number of enterprise customers, also has the ability to discern the Internet enterprise customer needs and pain points, and put forward the solution.

on the acquisition, people network relevant responsible person said: "on the one hand, we value is Chen and robust information strong sales ability, and has excellent engineer Chen information accumulated years of sales team and sales channels, the future may also help people own CRM system sales network. On the other hand, and Chen information as a distributor of Microsoft, Microsoft systems and Microsoft cloud has a very professional understanding and awareness, which is what we are optimistic about."