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People love and hate a dish, the cost is only 2 yuan! Sohu eat tofu but all year round can eat the food, fried, fried, stewed with all kinds of tempting practice! A piece of tofu, add pepper, add green onion, add seasoning, can quickly destroy a bowl of rice Steamed Rice. The small 01 | Abstract Southern tofu, tofu, bean curd north of what is the different between the 02 | fried 4 small coup tofu should not be rotten 03 | 3 tips to make more tasty tofu tofu tofu tofu recipe 04 | selection is the most common bean products, also known as tofu. General use of soybeans, black beans and peanuts contain high protein beans, can be used to make. South and North tofu, fat tofu is to sum up. The southern tofu color than white, delicate, suitable for Hot pot soup, steamed, etc., is not suitable for cooking; * North tofu color yellow, relatively old, hard, as the south section of tofu is smooth, but good elasticity, protein, calcium content in bean curd. Bean flavor thicker, suitable for frying, stewing, frying, brewing; * lactone tofu soft delicate profile light, moisture content is higher than the first two, while the protein is lower than the South and North tofu incense, calcium and magnesium content than both low, suitable for salad, steamed, fried tofu is boiling the rotten 4 small coup tofu tender and soft cooking easy broken how to make tofu intact? 1 do tofu, if with salt water boiled, then cook is not easily broken. In particular, the South tofu soft and tender, smooth and elastic, moisture content is relatively large. Before cooking, first pot of water to boil, put a teaspoon of salt, put tofu cut boiled, in order to maintain integrity. 2 the number of the most delicate tofu tofu tender, but also the most fragile. To fat tofu is not broken, can go to the packaging before cooking pot and steam for 20 minutes, after cooling according to the needs of cooking into various shapes. 3 in addition, although the North tofu toughness is not fragile, but should also be careful when cooking in hot oil in the fry for 1-2 minutes, until the surface hardened turn noodles. 4 finally, no matter what fried tofu, do not use the spatula shovel, and loosen with a spatula to nudge, so as to make tofu and mixing evenly, and can prevent the spatula shovel broken tofu. 3 tips to make more tasty tofu tofu that high protein and vegetable dish, will not cause too much burden on the stomach. Tender tofu delicious, but tender tofu is not easy tasty, sometimes eating feel insipid, not only taste, taste good, like a. 1 to buy back the first tofu cut into pieces and then washed with tap water, remove the beany flavor, then add boiling water (i.e. flooded tofu) and salt (2 times more salt than cooking) soak for half an hour, can also be cut into slices or tofu, cut into 2 cm square block, so easy to cook in the when taste. 2 just buy back the tofu water more, you can use a little heavy objects on the plate, and then press the tofu in the above about 30 minutes, the tofu water相关的主题文章: