Panic what, GSK two cervical cancer vaccine market is a u.s.! Experts say do not wait for the nine v-douke

Panic what, GSK two cervical cancer vaccine market is a u.s.! Experts say do not wait for the nine valent vaccine – Sohu health GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said the company before the company’s two price cervical cancer disease Cervarix (Siri appropriate) at the end of October will be withdrawn from the U.S. market. In July this year, the product has just been approved to become China’s first to prevent cervical cancer human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine products. The news once again sparked public concern about China’s first approval of the u.s.. In this regard, China Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of tumor epidemiology research director Qiao Youlin 27 in an interview with the new king said, cervical cancer vaccine GSK American market delisting is enterprise strategy adjustment according to the sales situation, do not read too much. Two cervical cancer vaccine for Chinese women to prevent cervical cancer is still of great value. According to media reports, GSK said that due to the low demand for the vaccine in the U.S. market, so decided to withdraw from the United states. Although the withdrawal from the U.S. market, but its access to the FDA license is still valid, and the vaccine has been approved by 107 regulatory agencies, covering the world’s 136 countries. The American market has the same local company Merck vaccine products occupy a major share of the market, and the FDA is included in the recommended list. Merck has four and nine valent vaccine against cervical cancer respectively on 2006 and 2014 in the United states. GSK relevant responsible person to respond to media reports, the decline in the demand for the vaccine in the U.S. market is affected by the U.S. public health policy, and the product has no relationship to the coverage of the virus. Professor Qiao Youlin said that in July this year, the mainland approved the listing of HPV cervical cancer vaccine to prevent HPV-16 and type HPV-18 virus leading to cervical cancer. Led by the hospital in the country’s 7 largest area of the survey carried out in 19 hospitals, the Chinese women with cervical cancer is caused by HPV-16 and type 18. How to select the two price, tetravalent, nine valent vaccine, Professor Qiao Youlin said, compared with the two valent vaccine vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, the effect is the same. The increase of HPV6 and HPV11 two type, mainly used to prevent condyloma acuminatum, such diseases of Western women is relatively high, the mass flow regulation and from the previous domestic research, China ordinary women acuteness wet wart incidence is far lower than that of western. In theory, the more the type of vaccine coverage, the wider the protection of the vaccinated, the price will be more expensive. But from the point of view of health economics, must be based on the state’s health resources and the ability to pay for health, seeking truth from facts, do not blindly pursue the highest and best technology and products. Based on the reality of national conditions and public health prevention strategy, the first approved two price vaccine for most people to prevent cervical cancer is of great significance. Cervical cancer vaccine to enter the domestic market has been lagging behind abroad for 10 years, if you wait for the nine valent vaccine or vaccine coverage of future domestic market more types of HPV virus, many women will miss the best time for vaccination. The essence of the article can be randomly recommended click [hot comment] injury cases of repeated medical evil.相关的主题文章: