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Arts-and-Entertainment While eating meals or watching the news on TV, we tend to forget that there is a battery being charged. Oftentimes, due to a tiring day, we fall asleep unknowingly leaving our batteries plugged in overnight. True isn’t it? This normally happens. And we should always avoid this kind of negligence as this can severely damage our batteries. Leaving a tool battery charging for too long, or even the whole night is a mistake most craftsmen and woodworkers have been guilty of committing more than once. It is so easy to overcharge your tool battery. Most people just forget about it and remember the day after. But did you know that overcharging may result in your power tools losing their lifespan? Yes, that’s right! Rechargeable batteries, especially NiMH batteries, are sensitive to continuous overcharging, or leaving the batteries on the charger after they’ve been fully charged. Many chargers do not stop charging batteries when they are full, placing the responsibility for monitoring the charge on the consumer. Continuous overcharging can greatly shorten the life of a battery, even to a few months. Most chargers that we buy in the market have a specification features of when the battery has been fully charged and even asked you to unplug it after. Most charges will also give you a definite time how long it will take to regain your battery. Chargers are classified into two, either a fast-charger that would only takes fifteen minutes to charge or a regular one which is a thirty minute charge. However, each type has its own requirements and cautions to take before and after usage for safety purposes. Today various types of chargers have been manufactured due to those mistakes that people do. Some type of chargers has a special feature set up when charging such as chargers incorporated with interior cooling fan, chime to notify charging is completed, and others will stop delivering charge to batteries but one thing should bear in mind that no chargers made that has automatic shut off. So, if batteries are still connected to the charging terminals it only tells us that battery and charger receives excessive amount of heat that can cause damage later on. Overcharging can shorten the life of the battery, costly on your part; second, you waste energy and last is you are most prone to electrical fire. Safety precautions should be practice and observe so you’ll be free from the risk of accidents and electrical fires. Overcharging your tool battery is really detrimental. Putting your batteries to charge for longer than necessary will generate an excess amount of heat within the battery and charger. This will result in depleting the overall life and performance of your batteries. Every second you keep your battery charging longer than what is necessary; you are losing valuable time of your power tool’s life. Power tool batteries are quite expensive and the longer you can make them last, the more money you will save. Not only does overcharging deplete your battery of its life and performance, it also means that you are wasting power. Power is expensive and the more you waste, the higher your electricity bills. This also results in an environmental hazard. What’s more, overcharging batteries may even cause a fire hazard. So protect yourself from all such eventualities by removing your tool batteries from their charging points as soon as they are charged. Set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you to do it or tie a string around your finger- do what needs to be done! There are many more things which should be considered before buying any type of tools. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: