Over the bitter days can prevent colon cancer


in recent decades in China, the incidence of colorectal cancer increased significantly in malignant tumor, has become the residents of the third "killer", in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big city is more higher, to prevent and control is very important.

what kinds of colorectal cancer, the incidence of disease in China?

colorectal cancer, including colon and rectal cancer, also known as colorectal cancer. Colon cancer belongs to the lower digestive tract tumors, to a certain extent, and eat well, so it is considered to be a kind of cancer".

Compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, China’s incidence of colorectal cancer is slightly lower, but the growth rate is faster than they are

. Thirty or forty years ago, colorectal cancer in China’s cancer lethality list, ranking sixth, now has leapt to the top third.

is colorectal cancer related to eating habits?

answer is very positive. The more you eat, the greater the intestinal excretion of pressure, especially animal protein, fat intake is excessive, it is easy to produce a lot of toxins.

European diet with meat, eat at least 50 steaks per person per month. Excessive intake of meat, the risk of colorectal cancer will increase.


bowel movement and colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer, what are the main symptoms?

stool can help us find colorectal cancer, to a certain extent, can be seen in the intestinal health. if the blood in the stool, stool thinning or irregular shape, bowel habits, diarrhea, will not net, it should be timely medical treatment. However, because there are a lot of stool symptoms, in the early stage of colorectal cancer is easily misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids. Many patients with hematochezia has been thought to hemorrhoids, the hospital has been advanced rectal cancer. So the stool, suggest to go to the hospital to do the fecal occult blood tests to exclude the risk of colorectal cancer. This is because the tumor is located in the colon near the anus, the occurrence of rupture bleeding, stool will have blood. If the tumor grew in the ascending colon, although the naked eye can not see blood, but the fecal occult blood test can be found. If fecal occult blood positive results that the colon has a problem, need to do colonoscopy examination.

in addition to abnormal bowel movements, often abdominal distension, people need to be vigilant, especially the elderly. if abdominal distension is particularly uncomfortable, and in a period of time suddenly aggravated, should go to the hospital in time. In addition, patients with intestinal obstruction also need to rule out colon cancer, there are many patients with intestinal obstruction in clinical practice, was found in the colon cancer after surgery.

since constipation is so important, constipation will not increase the risk of colorectal cancer? I want to say that the incidence of colorectal cancer is affected by many factors;