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Our poor family love cakes – Qinzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, perfect Guangxi branch to Whitehead Lishui Town, Pubei county and village poor households to send love cakes in September 14th, Qinzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to perfect Guangxi branch for good Jiang Cun impoverished village love moon cake gift activities, to the local poor families to send holiday blessing. Deputy director of the Qinzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zhang Shihua and perfect Guangxi branch general manager He Qiaoming to the poor households send moon cake in Qinzhou city deputy director Zhang Shihua Industrial and Commercial Bureau Mr Liang Jiang village is located in the outer edge of Pubei County, Qinzhou City, located in the Hilly Basin, weak industrial base, the traffic is not convenient, leading to local residents’ income is generally not high. Part of the subsistence allowances, close to subsistence allowances, "three noes old" family income is limited, life is more difficult. After Qinzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau learned of the situation, actively contact the social love enterprises, guide enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, in the hope that China the traditional Mid Autumn Festival approaching, for these poor families send warmth, let them feel the care from the government and society. Perfect Guangxi branch, Ms. He Qiaoming to poor households in poor households to send moon cake signature to receive love moon cake as the scene of 67 poor families from Qinzhou city deputy director Zhang Shihua Industrial and Commercial Bureau and perfect Guangxi branch general manager He Qiaoming took love cakes, have a happy smile, profuse, and Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Qinzhou city perfect Guangxi branch to the love expressed heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. On the spot, it is learned that the donation of love is another practice of perfect (China) Co., Ltd. "take the society, use the society" concept of public welfare. Over the past 20 years, the total amount of funds donated by the perfect company has exceeded 500 million yuan, and the perfect company will continue to actively fulfill its social responsibility and contribute to the development of public welfare undertakings.

爱心月饼情暖贫困家庭   ——钦州市工商局、完美广西分公司向浦北县白石水镇良江村贫困户送爱心月饼   9月14日,钦州市工商局携手完美广西分公司开展了对贫困村良江村的爱心月饼赠送活动,给当地的贫困家庭送去了节日的祝福。 钦州工商局张仕华副局长和完美广西分公司何巧明总经理向贫困户送月饼 钦州市工商局张仕华副局长致辞   良江村位于钦州市浦北县边缘远郊,地处丘陵盆地,产业基础薄弱,交通不便利,导致当地居民的收入普遍不高。一部分低保、临近低保、“三无老人”家庭的收入有限,生活比较困难。钦州市工商局在了解到这一情况以后,积极联系社会爱心企业,引导企业履行社会责任,希望在中国传统的中秋佳节来临之际,为这些贫困家庭送上温暖,让他们感受到来自政府和社会的关怀之情。 完美广西分公司何巧明女士向贫困户送月饼 贫困户依次签名领取爱心月饼   当到场的67户贫困家庭从钦州市工商局张仕华副局长及完美广西分公司何巧明总经理手中接过爱心月饼时,纷纷露出了开心的笑容,连声道谢,对钦州市工商局和完美广西分公司的爱心之举表达了由衷的赞赏和感谢。 活动现场   据悉,此次爱心捐赠,是完美(中国)有限公司“取之社会,用之社会”公益理念的又一次践行。20多年来,完美公司捐助各项社会公益事业的资金总额已超5亿元,完美公司将继续积极履行社会责任,为公益事业的发展贡献力量。相关的主题文章: