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Organ donation of life because of the continuation of love – Sohu health guide recently, our hospital operation room touching scene. A sudden cerebral hemorrhage patients, although the hospital to rescue, but still did not stop his life. He once made to the children behind to donate organs to save others, so the family’s wishes, according to his wishes, the organ donation decision. Donate before the start of surgery, to participate in the operation of personnel to the collective donors bowed in silence. 30 minutes later, organ donation surgery successfully completed. The well meaning citizens of the cornea, liver, kidneys and other organs in line with the conditions, will go through strict procedures for patients who need them to bring hope. Participate in the whole process of the staff moved, deep for the patient and one family’s love love, life is immortal, because the donor selfless dedication, life in another way to continue. Let’s pay tribute to organ donors and their families! Jinshan-hospital long by two-dimensional code quick attention相关的主题文章: