Ordnance Group Science and technology innovation to promote growth in 2017 will promote the applicat



1 16, China North Industries Group Corporation held a working meeting of the year 2017. The reporter was informed that the group of scientific and technological innovation, in 2016 the main business income of 403 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 5.4%, total profit of 13 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 12.9%, the full completion of the SASAC issued the "steady growth" goals and tasks.

it is understood that the ordnance industry group to compass application industry as the starting point, to promote the transformation and upgrading. In 2016, by the ordnance industry group as the development of construction of the main unit of the foundation to enhance the Beidou system "of a national network, a national platform officially launched operation, has the ability to provide real-time dynamic centimeter and millimeter level post processing and fast auxiliary positioning capability in the major areas of the economy, high precision position cloud services platform" 1000 find the cloud track "users exceeded 10 million, more than 300 million times the number of days to call the service. The right to host the 4 national standards and 7 Beidou Beidou special standards, "the construction of national satellite navigation and positioning service quality supervision and inspection center" CNCA approved and signed the "Sino Russian satellite navigation chip design center of a memorandum of understanding with Russia".

reporter learned that, in 2017, the group will face the public application market, to further improve the service level, high precision position meters centimeter and millimeter and fast positioning products, at the mobile phone, automobile, UAV, wearable devices and other terminal product applications, accelerate the development and provide O2O addressing, automatic driving, Lane navigation, logistics monitoring, deformation monitoring, forestry and farming application service program, promoting the application of Beidou in smart city, intelligent management, lean manufacturing and other fields.

2016 ordnance industry group held a general meeting of science and technology innovation, the introduction of scientific and technological innovation and reform of the 20 guidance, mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of scientific and technological personnel creativity. In particular, the establishment of scientific and technological innovation projects to guide the fund and technology innovation enterprises equity investment fund for the enterprise’s scientific and technological innovation provides a strong financial guarantee. At the same time, the Group vigorously promote the virtual project legal system, the entity project legal system, market-oriented approach to introduce external scientific and technological achievements industrialization reform initiatives in the project competition, results of incubation, the results of the transfer, project engineer open competition in key areas such as the implementation of the pilot project.

in science and technology innovation talents team construction, improve the ordnance industry group with 51 key fields, 20 fields, 550 key areas for professional and technical system of the main framework of the group company, the chief scientist named group 13, 71 new technology leader; 1 National Engineering Survey and design master; the new people plan expert 9, approved the people plan expert 1, the introduction of the "thousands of people plan experts to reach 58 people, ranked first in the central enterprises.

China ordnance industry group is an important military group in the field of weapon equipment and national defense science and technology. In 2016, ranked 134th in the world’s top 500.