Oracle Advertising Is All About Aiming

Oracle Advertising is all about aiming high, at all times. Started in 2005 in Manchester City Centre, Oracle Advertising has always had high targets to achieve in its direct marketing endeavours. The man behind the company, Ali Mir, an untiring marketing enthusiast, has always followed this policy in his personal life too. An alumnus of Kings School Macclesfield, Ali Mir had worked with leading business houses before taking the plunge and launching his own company. He had big things in mind when he launched the company and he set out, with his team, to accomplish those things. In a short span of time, with the wholehearted support of his team members, he managed to reach heights unforeseen. His company has been catering to some of the world’s leading charities. The main endeavour is to provide maximum exposure to clients and deliver quality customers at a very competitive rate. It’s a very effective kind of customer acquisition programme that the company runs and hence the results are always high. Oracle Advertising is now a fast expanding company, with its business spread across ten major cities. It works with twelve affiliated companies, all major companies. The company works wonders for these clients by working with a team of ambitious and motivated individuals who deliver various services for our customers. Says Ali Mir, My dream has always been to have a company driven by individual achievement. My goal is to have 200 offices across the globe, not only being a massive enterprise but providing opportunities for others to progress too. My vision is to have a company that seizes every opportunity to grow but this can only be achieved by a team of ambitious individuals working together and striving together to succeed. The sales and marketing guys who work with Ali Mir in his company thus get the chance to make the most of their professional careers and their lives. They are trained, thanks to Oracle Advertising Ltd, to aim high in whatever they do in their life and that no doubt works wonders for them, always. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: