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Opportunities and risks coexist property regulation of home appliance industry outweigh the disadvantages? The national real estate regulation for the "one city, one policy" and other means, many manufacturers in the home appliance industry market operation, needs to activate and upgrade in the next iteration, should also give the market, businesses and consumers to adopt a more flexible and diverse, segments of the promotion, promotion plan. Author: Yang Jia source: home appliances circle eleven golden week market war, although the curtain has fallen. However, eleven long, from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hefei city has issued more than 20, in just 7 days, a series of market regulation and control policies, for home appliances and other related industries, continues. Global decoding: through the various local governments for the property market regulation and control policies and measures, we can see the problems of three aspects: first, the property market unpopular or controlled, have a direct impact on household appliances and other downstream industries will, can be said to be a prosperity, a loss for both sides, regardless of the length of time, in effect; secondly, local government regulation on the property market it means all home appliance manufacturers to learn. Government regulation of the property market, from the past across the board, into a city policy. According to the differences of the local housing market, there is a target arrow. For this quagmire, activate the consumer appliance manufacturers off the market, worth learning; furthermore, the current real estate market development and changes, not in isolation, with part of the city’s purchase of the credit limit, to understand the development of the national real estate market. Similarly, people can not only see the home appliances in the house, but also to see the hidden behind the financial chain of the industry, capital flows and investment opportunities. Core strategy: must see, the local government for the housing market regulation, the overall intention is not to suppress the real estate market, so that the housing market from prosperity to decline, but to squeezing out the bubble, stable industry, the pursuit of sustainable development. From the point of view of the central point of view, a second tier cities to prevent the bubble, the three or four line of the city should be combined with urbanization, the real estate market activation, further inventory. Real estate industry to promote sustained and rapid development. For household electrical appliance enterprises, there is no need to worry, this round of more than and 20 cities, the purchase of credit limit and other policy adjustments, the impact will be on the home appliance market in the short term and the impact. As some industry insiders said, the house is more restricted to sell more, the market will not be too bad. However, the home appliance manufacturers in this round of changes in the housing market, but also as soon as possible to find their own business detonated mouth. That is, the real direction and signal control from the real estate policy perspective, in addition to concern behind the line of big city real estate will bring business opportunities, but also should pay attention to the two or three line of the city, especially the acceleration of urbanization, some new opportunities hidden behind. Based on the large, first tier cities, targeting two or three lines of the city, the depth of the four line of the city and the town market, which should be a period of time in the future, all home appliance manufacturers market and business layout direction and strategy. Strategic focus: in all industries in China, the real estate industry chain is the longest, which also led to the government’s strategy for the real estate market!相关的主题文章: