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[] on a blooming buds drop of oil Goulash, Sohu and the taste is great for two or three days, then look into the cool autumn, sooner or later, really feel the chill. Although today is the weekend, but the flowers to go out for a day, think of today, a mother at home, last night, two people on the way home, asked the old lady want to eat what. In the past the supermarket, when around eight p.m., even many people, together with the mother see meat area, sirloin is also good, the old lady wanted to eat stewed sirloin. Make a pot of beef stew, stew the fragrance, when bubbling and bubbling, think of all the incense. Home has been nearly nine points, thinking of a person to eat the elderly, must be healthy for the first. So this potato stew beef, flowers do not put a drop of oil, but also added a taste, but also less greasy, more fragrance. This approach is made out of beef, delicate taste mellow slip, special incense. Ingredients: 500 grams of meat to sirloin potatoes (big): 1 carrot root: 1: rice wine 1 tablespoon seasoning: soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, scallion, ginger, aniseed, anise practice: 1, sirloin meat washed, must first fly water, is put into the clear water boiled beef. The purpose is to remove the surface of the float, wipe. 2, cut the amount of ginger scallion, together with 2 star anise, cinnamon, 1 pieces of 3 pieces of leaves together into the beef, add beef before boiling water, placed in a pressure cooker. This is a very convenient way, put beef stewed for a while in high pressure, fire stew, meat is more soft rotten. 3, high-pressure time is half an hour, we use this time to cut the potatoes and carrots. 4, cooked beef flavor, has gone out, then put the beef into the wok, together with the soup. 5, we want to add a flavor is sweet, rice wine, rice wine, wine is better than many, add beef, not only can go greasy, can make meat taste more smooth, add a tablespoon. 6, then add a little soy sauce, a spoonful of soy sauce, oyster sauce, in fire stew 10 minutes after boiling. 7, when the juice is less, soup color is bright, add the potatoes and Huw Rob Tone. In the fire stew to the juice, but there must be some soup, stir until fragrant Steamed Rice eat this. 8, do so out of potatoes, beef, is not very attractive? Do not put a drop of oil, taste super praise! Do food, is not only a hobby, but also a care for the family, a love. Flowers around the young promising professional chef, cooking and refined from the business, or to do a full-time food writer. Business is booming, the book is sold, sales unpopular. To master a technology, by eating the world, completely feasible. If you want to develop the characteristics of the food technology, please add chef personal QQ micro signal: 40058466, to share with you more food production techniques! More business information and skills, in the Kyushu Pier Restaurant Business School website: [original] Senior copywriter flowers delicacy multi platform from the media column signing authors CCTV, Beijing TV, Shaanxi oh相关的主题文章: