Officials do not seek war when the Rockets did not go down 20 soldiers laid off – Sohu Military

Do not seek to fight the officer when not to go: " rocket forces 20 soldiers laid off; " – Sohu Military Channel reporter: "do not seek war, now even the cone is difficult to find!" In mid October, the reporter in the interview in a rocket launch base, a battalion and an instructor told reporters that this year they had laid off". This year, the base of thousands of soldiers to carry out combat training on both sides of the Changjiang River, a four smoke of fighting against, let not to fight the people have no place to hide. A set of data, the reporter was shocked: at present, the base has 20 long, long, missile launch command operation was canceled qualification bugler, 34 training caught poor implementation, assessment of qualified personnel by processing. At the same time, a group of cadres devoted to studying the war was promoted to use. The former base project engineer Bi Yuanqing, former deputy chief of staff of a brigade of Liu Hua is one of the beneficiaries. Two people were appointed as director of the base. "Jack holding a sword, in the country, must be strong." The base of leadership words deeply and firmly occupied seat: do not repair the war industry, the error is equal to the party a.! The base for training department director Gong Xin said, for training at the now added a "power" — a proposal for military cadres or veto. Base cadre walk procedures, but also to seek advice for training at the appointment to see, whether actually and chemical examination, do not want to fight, not fight cadres will be a veto, even in the face of crisis of occupation. A drill field Tafang, director of the political department saw a brigade of Hu Haoran is burning the midnight oil research and training scheme. Last week, he led the political groups to exercise area. The assessment team leader of the brigade exercises served as deputy chief of staff randomly dispatch several courses, let the political working group suffered. Multitray summary of the meeting, as the brigade Party committee, Hu Hao Ran names a group of soldiers was flushed, made a profound self-examination: his busy work more, to fight on less, if far from the battlefield, means from the dismissal of the nearest!相关的主题文章: