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Obama Hilary condemned the incident email FBI Director Obama issued a statement in November 3, according to foreign media reports, local time 2 days, President Obama issued a statement, the latest action for the first time to criticize the FBI Director Comi Democratic presidential candidate Hilary used mail survey taken improper. Comi announced in October 28th, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation found a number of new messages, these messages may have ended with earlier in a survey about Hilary to use private e-mail confidential materials do. Obama, 2, said in an interview, he is deliberately trying to make it look like they are not involved in this incident. Obama pointed out that the United States conducted any investigation should not be based on the "mapping" and "incomplete information". He said, "I think there are such rules when we conduct an investigation, we are not in the mapping as the basis, we do not take action according to incomplete information, we do not take action according to the leaked information. Our actions are based on the actual decisions we make." Obama said, the problem has been thoroughly investigated, the FBI, the Department of justice and the Congress concluded that she had some mistakes, but there is no question of prosecution." According to information disclosed in 2015, Hilary served as secretary of state during 2009 to 2013, the use of private mail server to deal with official information, in violation of federal regulations. In July this year, Comi concluded that, in the process of dealing with confidential documents, Hilary is very concerned about, but there is no basis for her lawsuit. It is reported that the latest found in the mail began with a direct investigation of Hilary did not directly related. The United States Senate Democratic leader Reed in October 31st of Komi harsh criticism, accusing him of announced the FBI is investigating these with Hilary related email message, said he may be in violation of the relevant laws and regulations shall not interfere with the election. The Democratic Party in the United States now require Komi quickly released the FBI these mail information. (China News Network)相关的主题文章: