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NXP power millet to develop mobile payment market – Sohu finance Holland NXP company 24, and millet company announced that the two sides will be in the public transport cooperation in the field of mobile payment. It is reported that the release of the new mobile phone millet 5 "in the use of safety components and NXP short-range wireless communications (NFC) solutions, optimized for the bus payment application, by increasing the RF performance to achieve a superior user experience and payment security. NXP Global CEO Richard? (Rick Clemmer) said, thunder, China Mobile payment market is growing rapidly, through cooperation with millet, NXP confidence in the future development in this market. It is reported that millet 5 using mobile payment technology allows users in the subway or the bus fare to complete the brush mobile phone payment, eliminates the need to carry bus card and line booking cumbersome, and can be easily realized through mobile phone security balance inquiries and mobile terminal recharge functions. Millet 5 users can use this function in Shanghai and Shenzhen, in the future and NXP millet company will work together, this function will expand to more city. (Wang Longyun)

恩智浦助力小米开拓移动支付市场-搜狐财经   荷兰恩智浦半导体公司24日与小米公司共同宣布,双方将在公共交通移动支付领域开展合作。  据悉,当日发布的新款手机“小米5” 中采用了恩智浦的安全元件与近距离无线通信(NFC)解决方案,专门针对公交支付应用进行了优化,通过提升射频性能实现了优异的使用体验与支付安全性。  恩智浦全球首席执行官理查德?科雷鸣(Rick Clemmer)表示,中国移动支付市场正在迅猛增长,通过与小米进行合作,恩智浦对未来在这个市场的发展充满信心。  据悉,“小米5”采用的移动支付技术让用户在搭乘地铁或公交时刷手机即可完成车费支付,省去了携带公交卡和排队购票的繁琐,并可通过手机轻松实现安全的余额查询和移动端充值等功能。“小米5” 用户可以在上海和深圳使用该功能,今后恩智浦与小米公司将共同协作,将此功能向更多城市拓展。(王龙云)相关的主题文章: