Now Zheng Shuang, her good clothing products and high color value, ten, catch up! (video)-winlinez

Now Zheng Shuang, her good clothing products and high color value, ten, catch up! Don’t know how many people are chasing the same small and smiled a little ah, Xiaobian want to say is Zheng Shuang Yan value and the acting circle powder, whether it is the drama of the long hair and short hair now was so beautiful, the focus is now Zheng Shuang, the flesh on the face, the little girl and beauty! Now Zheng Shuang and Guli Nazha are short hair style, Zheng Shuangchang meat, but actually nuozha storm lost, Zheng Shuang’s hair compared to playful, nuozha hair comparison rules! A play in the Zheng Shuang is long hair styling, remember nuozha with long curly hair?! By contrast, Zheng Shuangzhen is beautiful! In addition to the hair, of course, Zheng Shuang and love coulee nuozha jeans, Zheng Shuang jeans jacket with baggy pants, casual leisure nuozha, wear cowboy suspenders skirt is also very stylish, but exposed bones too thin! Zheng Shuangxuan on the clothes from the skinny little fairy becomes a reality version of the same service activity blue dress for Zheng Shuang, the shoulder is Princess Tutu van collocation nude heels, elegant lady, wearing blue coulee nuozha dress collocation black sandals, seemed a bit awkward! Zheng Shuang, a black T-shirt and shorts in the airport it is wearing a long shirt, foot white shoes, fashionable and comfortable! Dark shirt with striped white skirt, the depth of the mix is very classic fashion, long Zheng Shuang and the United States back! Nuozha wearing this watermelon red skirt, bubble sleeve is very popular this year, collocation with the color of the high-heeled shoes, very beautiful and elegant, just think how to wear a little cheap feeling! Coulee nuozha wear loose cowboy suit a yellow bag, foot above the white tennis shoes, comfortable and casual, but so wide trousers, really good-looking?相关的主题文章: