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Thus, leaders in the nonprofit sector are faced with the task of developing a website that will not only advertise services, but also stand out as unique, comprehensive, and, most importantly, inviting to potential donors. Charities are asking how they can and should be harnessing the webs power and seeking to understand how to integrate it into their overall marketing mix. Looking through the eyes of a potential donor, nonprofits must seek to understand and harness the power and the potential of the Internet so their organization will become more effective and better equipped for the future. So what works? Items that are most advantageous in attracting a potential donor, and that must be easily viewable on any nonprofit website include: 1. Your name, logo, and MISSION. Possibly add captioned images that clearly represent your mission. 2. Photos of people-those who you have served or who represent your primary target. 3. Some way to get questions answered quickly- search on site capability or a FAQ link. 4. Encryption whenever you ask for anything beyond email address, especially donations. 5. A call to action. Make the ask! Request donations, volunteers, etc. 6. An invitation to future communication. Sign up for our e-alerts or e-newsletter, etc. 7. A link to on and off-line contact information. 8. Images or statements indicating how gifts are used. 9. Appreciation for previous donors. Thanks, logos, recognition, etc. 10. Last, not least, search engine optimization. (the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via targeted keywords) About the Author: CharityNet USAs mission is to serve as a one-stop resource center for churches and charities nationwide. As the nations number one provider of nonprofit services, CharityNet USA offers assistance in all aspects of establishing, operating, and sustaining a religious or community-based nonprofit. In addition to the diverse products CharityNet USA makes available, the organization also provides charities and churches with free tools and links to free resources for nonprofit organizations. For more information on CharityNet USA please visit or call 877-857-9002. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Marketing 相关的主题文章: