NOKIA concept machine debut users This is also how smashing walnuts


"comeback" of NOKIA, is obviously a fancy domestic user’s feelings, will be the first choice in the first 6 works of NOKIA Jingdong mall, the aircraft booking volume has more than 700 thousand successful, although with the domestic popular models than the distance, but this performance of NOKIA is happy enough.


however, there are also users of NOKIA 6 do not buy it, because they are more looking forward to NOKIA’s flagship product. Judging from the current news, NOKIA’s flagship, which is rumored NOKIA 8 has begun to test the camera, I believe it will come soon. And foreign users have been unable to wait for the heart of the NOKIA flagship design out, as follows.

NOKIA concept phone

from the picture, this is known as the "NOKIA concept" mobile phone has a high proportion of the screen, the screen has been extended to the top position on both sides of mobile phone, the mobile phone also carefully observed a small screen, the overall effect is amazing, the concept of sense, the walnut is hit hard. Also, the designer estimated not too hard, because the UI on the phone screen is obviously a Samsung, he does not like the current NOKIA 6 UI?