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No way out Apple new iPhone cattle new generation digital factory – Sohu stock issue has been a weakness of iPhone, every time the launch of the new iPhone will set off a wave of iPhone grab the goods, but the "traditional" will probably disappear. But according to the latest DigiTimes news, Apple will be iPhone  5SE new generation Wistron (Wistron), the factory will work with Foxconn OEM iPhone5se. Apple chooses two foundries, in addition to accelerating the speed of OEM iPhone, it can also strengthen the production line outside Foxconn! No way cattle   Apple new iPhone new generation plant in order to reduce the risk (shortage), Apple has been trying to order dispersion, choose different foundries. According to the report, iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus will be handed over to the different factory, then the company will be responsible for Wistron and iPhone7Plus, and iPhone7 will be responsible for the company and master. No way cattle   Apple new iPhone new generation factory no matter how many fruit the most hope is no longer need to use expensive to buy iPhone, but also can enjoy the first time iPhone. Yes, iPhone5se is going to be released in March. Are you interested? 黄牛没活路 Apple新iPhone增设新代工厂-搜狐数码  缺货问题一直是iPhone的一个弱点,每次新iPhone推出都会掀起一阵iPhone抢货风潮,不过这个「传统」恐怕即将消失了。不过根据DigiTimes最新消息,Apple将会为iPhone 5se增设新代工厂Wistron(纬创),将会与富士康代工iPhone5se。Apple选择两间代工厂除了能加快代工iPhone的速度之外也能加强富士康以外的生产线! 黄牛没活路 Apple新iPhone增设新代工厂   为了降低风险(缺货问题),苹果一直在试图将订单分散,选择不同的代工厂。据报告显示,iPhone7和iPhone7Plus会交予不同的代工厂,届时富士康与Wistron将会负责iPhone7Plus,而iPhone7也会由富士康和和硕负责。 黄牛没活路 Apple新iPhone增设新代工厂   不管怎样果迷最希望的就是不再需要使用高价购买iPhone,而且能够第一时间享受iPhone。有传iPhone5se即将会在3月发布,你又有兴趣吗?相关的主题文章: