Ningbo, a district residents destroyed the green tree dug wind poured into the concrete cover shift mmc.exe

Ningbo, a district residents destroyed the green tree dug wind poured into the manhole cover shift cement Baoliao owners said that if it is a small part of the modification, spread some anticorrosive wood would be accepted, if the owner refuses to correct the destruction of green, may cause the adjacent property owners refused to pay property charges against, resulting in a small area of vicious spiral. 18, the reporters came to the school Ningbo Junlan on House District, district is located in Haishu district near the airport Lantian road and elevated road intersection, composed of high-rise buildings and houses. Dig with cement have occurred in the green villa villa buildings, a building has 3 floors, in front of a small garden, the original price in 4489 yuan a. Ningbo sent reporters noted that the 7 residential buildings, 5 homes under construction, some houses and just finished cement, some have been in marble. There are cut trees aside. Most of the ground is covered with cement and a small amount of trees. "Such a dry, other people will do." A passing owner said. Why the owners of the first floor to destroy green? 7 owners of a green house, said the main reason is too many mosquitoes. "As soon as it comes to summer, mosquitoes are everywhere, and one of my neighbors bites the bag." The female owner of the home front lawn just poured cement soon, she said yesterday has received the inspectors ordered rectification notices issued. Meet the snake, is her neighbor Wu sister. Wu sister at home to maintain the appearance of the delivery, she planted flowers around the lawn, bamboo, pepper, the last also planted pumpkin. Wudajie took to Ningbo mobile phone sent reporters to see, the snake is in October this year, a night encounter, at her door. She also said that when the heat is indeed a lot of mosquitoes, I came out in the summer watering the flowers, have to wear long sleeved trousers, wearing a hat." Director of the Asia Pacific Property Management Director Wang Lan Lan said, they also advised the destruction of green owners, and issued a notice requiring rectification, but no effect. November 17th, urban residents and neighborhood committees have to deal with the matter. 18 PM, Haishu Baiyun District Urban Management Bureau for this squadron responded, reads as follows: since Narada on house since delivery, squadron received damage to the door 1 building owners of lawn in front of ground hardening report, this behavior belongs to the change of green nature, is not allowed. In this regard, the urban management department in accordance with the "Zhejiang urban greening management approach" to deal with. Recently, the squadron received 3 similar reports, through investigation and evidence collection, which has imposed a fine of more than 1 yuan, and to the other 2 issued a deadline for rectification notice of the order of 1000. Next, the urban management department will jointly property, and urge the owners to do rectification work. (Ningbo faction)相关的主题文章: