Ningbo 1 court case for incitement to kill mother-in-law daughter-in-law hate son and daughter too a kaya scodelario

Ningbo 1 court case for incitement to kill mother-in-law daughter-in-law hate son and daughter too affectionate (Figure) Zhao was arrested in Henan pictures reporter Han Yuting in February 16th this year, Ningbo Cixi had occurred in the murder murderer frightful to the ear, in the area will be on the spot a woman stabbed to death, and then fled. The same day, Cixi police after a preliminary investigation, issued a bulletin: Dead Zhao, 34 years old, Cixi Da Hu, Department of homicide. Second days later, Cixi police announced the murder solved, the suspect Moumou (female, 59 years old), Zhao (male, 23 years old) has been arrested, confessed the murder and gang crimes. One of the suspects is the mother of the deceased. Recently, the case by the Ningbo intermediate people’s Court of first instance of the first trial of criminal trial. Mother believes that her daughter took the son of the previous public reports, the deceased Zhao (a pseudonym), a nurse in a hospital in Cixi. February 16th at 6 in the morning, in the village of Jinshan, Cixi, No. 36 downstairs was killed. From the crowd at the time of the video can be seen in the audience, Xiao Zhao wearing jeans, fell to the ground, there are a number of blood. Someone heard Zhao called twice, after no voice, until 9 in the morning, a neighbor found lying on the ground after she reported to the police. Colleagues say, little Zhao Pingshi is easy-going, hard-working, good reputation. The day of the incident, the original should go to the injection room on behalf of the class, but did not see her. It is sad that Zhao’s child was 5 years old. Spring Festival family just returned from Nanjing tourism. A few days ago, Zhao’s husband is still a circle of friends wrote: "wife, I love you forever!" There are colleagues broke the news that, Xiao Zhao had lived with her mother, a month before the incident, just moved home. What is the hatred between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, caused a lot of discussions in Cixi. Zhang Moumou, 59 years old, born with a son, but marriage is not happy. She devoted all her love and energy to her only son. After his son graduated from college, working in institutions, Zhang bought a set of marriage room for him. In her eyes, the son is handsome, tall, work well, must find a perfect girl. She asked a lot of friends to help, but the son was a bit ungrateful, therefore no less angry. Later, his son met his wife, but Zhang daughter-in-law is not satisfied, nurses with low income, and age, no way. To this end, Zhang often advised his son to break up, but in the end his son still insisted and Xiao Zhao married. For the dependence on the son of a son and daughter-in-law Zhang moved to live together, but in the days of life, and life was not happy. Anecdotal, see this couple very affectionate, Zhang is not the taste, even to the hospital to find a nurse, I hope to arrange the night daughter-in-law. The rigid law relationship, so Zhao proposed to move out. August 2015, the couple spent 400 thousand yuan to buy a set of second-hand housing in Cixi Jinshan village. This makes Zhang Moumou very angry, she thought that this woman stole from.相关的主题文章: