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Ning Zetao storm: exposing the Olympic was ordered to stop training were forced out of apartment – Sohu "entertainment card pin turning point – Ning Zetao" opened Ning Zetao before and after preparing for the Rio Olympics through   (source: Guangming) after 8 months of filming, the "turning point" – Ning Zetao opened the mysterious veil, the documentary tells the story of 48 minutes Ning Zetao is preparing for the Olympic Games and the experience. At the beginning of training at Ning Zetao state is very good, the April national championship 100 meter freestyle semi-final, he swam at the second annual world record, June training was also going to impact the Olympic medals, but 50 days later, we saw the skinny 4 kilograms, the final stop Olympic semi-final Ning Zetao. In the program, he tells the story of the championship since April after the storm, including being asked to give up 100 since the 200 individual offensive since the relay was ordered to return stop training, almost missed the Rio Olympics, even now as before the fight. Ning Zetao in 2016, experienced too many ordinary people can not imagine the hard time. As the world champion, Ning Zetao spare time is not rich, although there are a lot of people want to stay close to him, but he is not only a player, is a soldier, strict with oneself ten years as one day to repeat the same thing and is swimming training, this course is boring, but it is also his heart must be in the face of loneliness. Take the subway, Ning Zetao just like an ordinary big boy early in Australia training period, Ning Zetao every day to swim 8000-12000 meters, equivalent to 10 times to climb Xiangshan, the intensity of training, he also had a lot of time to give up the idea, but the support of family support or let him down. As for the Olympic gold medal, Ning Zetao said it is too far away, even though some too high to be reached, everyone has a dream, but practical, not very realistic. Ning Zetao and coach Brown   2015 blockbuster after winning the world championships in Kazan, special thanks to Ning Zetao’s 53 year old Australian teacher Brown, and at the beginning of training, but also in accordance with the plan, coach Brown’s ideas and requirements, coach Ye Jin director Ning Zetao, mentioned Brown’s idea of training at home and not the same, in Australia Ning Zetao every morning at 6 go to the training cycle, before launching preparations, Brown to write the training program, how to training, in the view of Brown Ning Zetao needs to reach a higher level, but Ning Zetao is also very hard for very high self requirements, every day the overload exercise training, and often trained to spit, and at home coach Ye Jin Ning Zetao will never do spit. Ning Zetao admitted that some outside factors constantly interfere with his   training; Ning Zetao was very aware of the 100 meter freestyle uncertainty, after all this short distance is unknown too much, the game is completely unpredictable, the race to the 95 meters before the eight finalists are similar, only to the edge of Caifen ranking, even 1-8 are possible won the world championships in Kazan is ranked first in the world of Russia’s Morozov, the semi-final exit because grab jump foul, this shows that everything is possible. Maybe it’s enough for the project相关的主题文章: