Neymar played against rational! And he does not respect Feichan you lose.-onavo protect

Neymar played against rational! And he does not respect Feichan you lose Neymar no less because a controversial sina sports news. Now the football world, there seems to be such an unwritten rule: when the team score you lead, you can’t use any opponent is too fancy moves. Neymar has been a traitor of the unspoken rule, and once again, he has become very object multimedia and legend attack. Last weekend, Barcelona at home against Eli Gane J, in the team 4-0 lead, the other side of the defender to the other side of the Omar to a fancy man, the latter gas, however, the foot of the shovel turned over to the ground in the face of the, and the other side of the game, the first time in the United States, the United States and the United States. At this moment with the civilized world view, wrong should be Omar, after all he really is in violation of the rules on the court. But, paradoxically, in the eyes of many people, Neymar was the one that should be attacked. Former Barcelona star Laudrup said: "4-0 are ahead, why do you want to provoke opponents?!" It is very difficult to understand this sentence should Laodelupu spit from the mouth that has used "fried meatballs" stunt, passing like Europe with gorgeous master Magic Johnson possessed. Neymar’s Rainbow causing conflict this is not the first time Neymar fancy because extraordinary action attracted controversy last season, the king’s cup, Neymar first made Atletico players one by one "greeting" him, and in the final with the rainbow was extraordinary, almost led to a brawl athletic player containment. Neymar is not alone, last season, Bayern 3-0 lead, Douglas – the other side of the players on the other side of the rainbow came to a man, was also accused of lack of respect for the opponent". And Rosicky, at the beginning of last year in an FA Cup game, the Arsenal midfielder is 3 times with no look pass, Manchester United legend Phil – Neville is unhappy with his lack of respect for the opponent thinks this action: "if training people dare to do this for me, I might let him Feichan feet. He left the training field." Rosicky did not look at the people passing this is reminiscent of the Neville brothers took turns to former Arsenal winger Reyes put the shovel of the past. In 2003, Arsenal lost to Manchester United 0-2 at Old Trafford, 49 League streak was broken. In that game, Reyes in the first half performance, the Reds have a killer tactics, the second half when opening, Neville brothers has on the Reyes serve feichan. This game is regarded as a turning point in Reyes’s career at Arsenal, since then, he seems to be the Premier League defender fouls diffident, play has become overcautious, state of ups and downs, and ultimately did not reach the expectations of Wenger and arsenal. What kind of values is this? Man, man, wearing crotch Rainbow Flower foot heel pass, pass…… These are sweet cherries on the football field, so that the game becomes more beautiful, more ornamental. However, in some people’s opinion, if you do these actions on the football field, is the respect for the opponent. Opponents, of course, would also emphasize that you can’t score in the team相关的主题文章: