Next week to finalize the Shenhua high-level players have been close to signing Liaozu

Next week to finalize the Shenhua high-level players have been close to signing Sun Shilin Liaozu coach MANSANO (map) in after class, Shenhua officially entered the "big purchasing mode", foreign teachers is a necessity, foreign aid is also at least to buy a person to replace the recovery period long ba. It is reported that yesterday, before leading the Western Australia champion Sydney team coach Popovich could teach Shenhua Shenhua, but management was quick to deny this statement. It is reported that Shenhua negotiations intense and rapidly, is expected to finalize the final candidates in recent days. After Shenhua officially announced the new season with a new coach MANSANO contract, Shenhua person, has become the focus of the media and fans hot. In addition, the French former coach Gilo, in addition to South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai meritorious coach Cui Kangxi, the name of two world class coaches have also been discovered. The two men are known quite large, Yan value is among the highest in the coaching world. One of them is former international Milan and Manchester City coach Mancini, a former German national team coach, Klinsmann. It is reported that Shenhua and Mancini indeed have been in contact, both sides can communicate with each other through a broker idea. But contact down, both sides feel each other "hand" is not very appropriate, so the negotiations did not go on. Who led the West Sydney Rovers won the league title AFC Champions League Toni · Popovich was exposed, once considered, with Shenhua Xuanshuai standard is the most consistent: young, fame is not how loud, but the teaching result is not bad. 2014, is under the leadership of Popovich, Western Sydney wanderers beat Guangzhou Evergrande in the AFC Champions League League, and eventually won the championship. The Shenhua club deputy general manager Zhou Jun to overseas, have had contact with Popovich, but so far, the progress of the negotiations is not smooth, Popovich became the new coach of the possibility of Shenhua has been very small. Shenhua club will be around next Monday, again fly to Europe expanded job, and the final negotiations with several had been more in-depth for communication. The only thing that is certain is that the new manager will still come from europe. In Ba wounded, AFC Champions League and super Lane operations of Shenhua, certainly have to add a foreign aid in the forward line. It is reported that this foreign aid or from South America, but also a big player. In addition, the first Shanghai Shenhua new season Neiyuan signing has been basically completed, the players in the performance this year, the original is a key player in the team. According to the analysis, the player is likely to be Liaozu Sun Shilin.相关的主题文章: