New year’s Eve WeChat received a total of 14 billion 200 million red envelopes, but the red war batt


Spring Festival on the mobile phone screen has become a new Chinese red envelope.

according to the data released by WeChat, the January 27th New Year’s Eve, from zero to 24, a total of 14 billion 200 million WeChat users receive red envelopes to send and receive, growth of 75.7% over the year, blessing 24:00 reached the peak of 760 thousand per second transceiver.

According to data published by the QQ

: total number of users to participate in the "LBS+AR QQ in heaven red" and "red brush" to the 342 million, of which 90 accounted for 68% of users received a total of 3 billion 777 million red envelopes of cash and gift card coupons. This data also exceeded the number of users involved in the 308 million last year, a record high. January 27th New Year’s Eve, the number of users to participate in the "red brush" reached 272 million, and the Jin Hongbao brush card coupons package 1 billion 727 million.

red envelopes, which continues in China for thousands of years of traditional festivals, in the era of mobile Internet products online, with simple interactive and social relations of fission spread, the successful capture of users favor.

this year, the red envelope has been staged third times, but the smell of smoke on the mobile phone screen does not seem to be strong in previous years.

compared with last year, WeChat QQ and Alipay each throw hundreds of millions of investment, the main game player this year red war is very calm: in the 2017 WeChat open class PRO edition, Zhang Xiaolong said publicly that this year there will be no special operation for red envelopes; Alipay launched AR in 2016 at the end of the year, also said "no red war" with the Tencent and Ali; were no longer Spring Festival Spring Festival Red marketing chicken nor reproduce similar sheep and monkey year 2012 Gala shake envelopes and other activities.

look, 2017 Spring Festival does not seem to have staged red wars, but this is not the whole truth, pure online marketing red although the excitement did not last year, but in another battlefield, participation, red trigger the attention of no less.

can be seen from the existing data, sponsored by the Internet giants of the red war did not cool, and a black line technology and two keywords of the 2017 red war, hides the Internet Co a new ambition.

AR red

standard of playAt the beginning of

hot PokemonGo provides a new way for the Internet Co to play red spring festival.

2016 in November, the QQ team announced AR red envelopes QQ project, the gameplay is similar to PokemonGo, red envelopes issued sponsor in the specified location, other users to the site, by opening the camera to receive a red envelope.

2017 January 20th, QQ AR+LBS days drop red officially opened grab. From January 20th to 24 every day 11;