New year’s Eve WeChat QQ pay 208 thousand seconds to record the peak of the world record

chicken lunar New Year’s Eve, people in WeChat and QQ platform for sending greeting and pay New Year’s call envelopes enthusiasm remains high. On the morning of January 28, 2017, Chinese netizens have created a new world record. Including WeChat, QQ two platforms, including Tencent mobile payment peak reached 208 thousand pen / second, compared with last year’s 158 thousand pen / second to improve by up to 32%, refresh the previous world record created in monkey.


the first hour of the new year the nation paid 360 million

according to official estimates, 208 thousand pen / sec data is a paid envelopes as a pen, not including the back of the user to grab the red envelope, such as a group, send a red envelope ten people grab it only a pen instead of eleven. If you count the grab red fission part, the core payment platform to handle peak Tencent reached 950 thousand pen / sec, 480 thousand / year on New Year’s Eve pen is up to 98% seconds, i.e. the total red peak of WeChat and QQ two transceiver platform.

and the concern is that the year of the rooster the first hour, the first hour of the morning of January 28, 2017, the total payment of more than 360 million pen pen, pen pen number number 500 million mobile payment payment only one hour is almost equal to last year had announced the WeChat QQ dual platform average daily.

billions of red envelopes, payment platform performance, stability and financial risk control is a very difficult test. The Spring Festival Red payment needs to protect the user’s payment platform and financial Tencent peak line application technical team for the Chinese New Year red envelopes payment to build a distributed transaction system and a set of "more and more center, and an intelligent payment manager system.

so-called multi multi center refers to the user is divided into a number of room, while running, the problem can quickly switch. The intelligent payment housekeeper system can detect the status of each link at any time, to ensure the stability and security of the system. The distributed transaction system, which can make users across the country can spread to different places to complete the transaction, to ensure the safety and disaster recovery.

New Year’s Eve WeChat plus QQ to pay a total of 3 billion 220 million pen

chicken year, a total of 14 billion 200 million WeChat WeChat users receive red envelopes, QQ users received a total of 3 billion 777 million red envelopes of cash and gift card coupons. Including envelopes, transfers, online and offline consumption, the number of total payment in January 27, 2017 WeChat QQ platform with pen for 3 billion 220 million pens, this data also created a new record number of Tencent on the mobile payment payment transactions, increased by 28% year record of 2 billion 500 million pen monkey. The Lunar New Year’s Eve, thousands of blessings along with this pen to pay thousands of households.

hundreds of millions of WeChat and QQ users can enjoy the red feast on New Year’s Eve, the ability to pay is very important;