New car graphic Ferrari gtc4lusso t turbine comes!

New car graphic: Ferrari GTC4Lusso T turbine comes! Phoenix auto · new graphic while the world fans shout and wrangle Ferrari equipment, turbocharged engine still in more models, but just look at 488 GTB or California T sales will be difficult to find, to enable the turbocharged V8 engine is the right decision for Ferrari. Please those who shouted self absorption is the authentic Ferrari fans remember: you were regarded as the icon of 288GTO and F40 and turbo V8, thank you. But this time, the use of 3.9L twin turbo V8 engine is a 2+2 vest GT coupe. If you remember the launch of Ferrari GTC4Lusso in February this year, so the car tail suffix letter T is very easy to explain: naturally aspirated V12 engine is California T on the 3.9 litre twin turbo V8 replaced, at the same time 4RM four-wheel drive system has become a pure driving wheel. This is only a new powertrain program. Of course, as a location quite personalized Safari GT coupe, change this set of dynamic system is also full of surprise. The maximum power of V12 engine driven GTC4 Lusso with 689 horsepower and 697 Newton · m peak torque, maximum power GTC4Lusso T slightly convergent and equipped with 3.9L twin turbo V8 engine is 610 horsepower, but the peak torque up to 760 Newton meters, · and from 3000rpm until 5250rpm. V8 twin turbo engine with torque and broke out, only 1740 kg mass (50kg less than V12, GTC4Lusso, 0-100Km) in the H acceleration time only 3.5 seconds, although the ratio of V12 GTC4Lusso for a mere 0.1 seconds slower, but still higher than the 2+2 Safari vehicle predecessor – Ferrari FF 0.2 seconds faster. GTC4 Lusso T maximum speed of 320km h, slower than the V12 version of 15km h, but still can be considered as fast as lightning. But the car is more worthy of showing off the fuel economy – even though it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Ferrari owners. However, the average fuel consumption dropped from 15.3 liters to a liter of up to 30%, which means that the V8 version of the GTC4 Lusso T has a longer mileage, but also more suitable for daily commuting in the use of. The relative power system part of GTC4Lusso T in power make snap, outside the system of basic design continues the V12 version of GTC4 Lusso 2+2, Safari layout of the body from the Ferrari FF, but the GTC4Lusso incorporates the latest Ferrari design style, headlight shape is more sharp, and four circular taillights as a return to the classic elements this car. New 10.2 inch lcd.相关的主题文章: