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"Never abandon" comedy character poster exposure changed files to October 28th Tencent Entertainment News Comedy Film "never abandon" change the file to the October 28th national release, director of strict production, strive for excellence, each frame to strengthen post production. The movie "never abandon" directed by Jiang Qinmin, a famous Japanese producer wells Guan Xing as a producer, Cao Yunjin and Yuan Chengjie two domestic actress starring. The film tells the story of Yu Tianhong (express little brother Cao Yun gold) accepted the monitoring and tracking the young inventor Yan Da Tao to complete the dream detective (Yuan Chengjie ornaments) task, two people become quarrelsome lovers to "embarrassed way" story in the tracking and anti tracking. With the final determination of the date of the change, the producer also announced a group of the latest poster. This group of a total of four character posters, bright colors make people feel a sense of lively tone at the same time the film in advance, the force value of the burst table, especially CP combination relationship between Cao Yunjin and Yuan Chengjie on this love to kill but still never abandon it is completely bared there and then. According to the creative team, the design inspiration character posters, itself derived from Cao Yunjin and Yuan Chengjie of the drama "bromance" full of CP. Cao Yunjin joked, "he’s a base for me." He also broke the news when filming every day to Yuan Chengjie tea, accidentally started racing: "he is very love my chrysanthemum, is the kind of big flower." Cao Yunjin also said that if Yuan Chengjie first, they will be in the studio waiting for him, and his first words, will first prepare "chrysanthemum". And Cao Yunjin’s "passionately devoted" different, Yuan Chengjie said that he first met Cao Yunjin think he is loaded, the impression is not very good, "the Internet search is not what good news." Then get along down, two people familiar, really felt that he was "very nice", Cao Yunjin responded by saying: "I told him on the contrary, meet for the first time I think he is good, touch down, think of the people who have problems." Drama, Cao Yunjin and Yuan Chengjie of the comedy CP file will love to kill the most incisive interpretation of the scenes, people not only to the two people in the film with full of curiosity. In addition to Cao Yunjin, Yuan Chengjie to force the CP file, the movie "never abandon" is the achievement of a real couple Cao Yunjin and Elanne Kwong CP. However, from the point of view of the release of the poster, Elanne Kwong took the big beauty and Yuan Chengjie, this pair of "death" is also tied to the pollution of the CP is really no way out of the. According to the director Jiang Qinmin, Cao Yunjin and Elanne Kwong on this new couple in the film does not match play, only a passing shot, the director said the arrangement was "side ten thousand years". As the title of the film "never abandon".相关的主题文章: