Network hot word thin blue letinous edodes has been registered as a company name, registered

Network hot word "thin blue letinous edodes" has been registered as a company name, registered capital of 500 thousand for industrial and commercial registration information technology – Sina map screenshot October 14th afternoon, due to the recent close sound "hard to cry" and the popularity of the network hot words "thin blue letinous edodes", has been a company of Shenzhen grab note. Yesterday, Shenzhen blue thin letinous edodes Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded, the registered capital of 500 thousand yuan, the legal representative of the company Lai Cuiyun. Business information display, Shenzhen blue thin letinous edodes Industrial Company Limited business scope: electronic products, electronic components, electronic peripheral materials, computer software and hardware, communication products and related accessories, network equipment, home appliances, auto accessories, security equipment, mechanical equipment, electromechanical products, hardware, plastics, paper products, clothing fabric, chemical raw materials (excluding hazardous chemicals), building materials, steel, glass products, metal materials, lithium battery materials, electronic materials, general merchandise, building decoration materials sales and technology development; municipal engineering, labor subcontracting (with operation qualification certificate); domestic trade, goods and technology import and export business. Except for items that are prohibited by laws, administrative regulations or decisions of the State Council, the restricted items shall be subject to approval before they can be dispatched. The age of the Internet, the network hot words emerge in an endless stream, registered as a trademark of popular vocabulary increasingly prevalent, these words are also a typhoon event name, name and emerging network words, such as "Xi Li Ge" "grass root" and "awesome" and "embarrassed", some businesses have become the brand and the application for trademark registration "darling, for the network hot words used as a trademark merchandise categories to garments, knitwear, leather products, toys, crafts etc.. Alibaba, including enterprises, but also to apply the network hot words as a trademark. In 2014, the Alibaba held in advertising, sale activities and other services to apply for registration many pieces of "double eleven" trademark. (Wang)相关的主题文章: