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Net exposure Lixian dozens of tons of pesticides dumped   response: 2.5 kg of pesticide leakage – Gansu Channel – original title: net exposure Lixian dozens of tons of pesticides dumped 2.5 kilograms of pesticide spill response: since October 20th, there are users in multiple network platforms claimed that Lixian County of Qin Han road will have mostly abandoned pesticide plant cans dozens of tons of pesticides dumping ground, pungent odor induced near the village of dozens of people feel sick. 22 journalists from the relevant department of the county Lixian, network information office to monitor the incident, Lixian County Government attaches great importance to environmental protection organization, public security, health, Chengguan town and other departments to the scene to carry out investigation and in-depth. The investigation found that the Department of the medicine tank owner to sell scrap metal cutting lead to leakage of 2.5 kilograms of pesticides in the warehouse, and has been properly disposed of. "Due to the closure of the plant, dozens of tons of pesticides dumped in the village of Li County, the villagers who come to safety? From the beginning of October 19th, in a new kiln, Qi, Qin and Han Dynasties, vocational school Avenue in the vicinity of pesticide has a strong smell of diffuse, by way of asking that the pesticide plant in waste, as people will most cans dozens of tons of pesticides dumping ground." Net posts said, near the pesticide plant near the village in October 19th dozens of people feel unwell, headache, nausea and other symptoms. The net posts reflect Lixian related department investigation found that users reflect the situation is inconsistent with the actual situation, the incident is Lixian puma chlorine pesticide factory abandoned for many years. The factory was discontinued in 1994, 2006 auction to the natural person Gong forestry. In October 19, 2016, Gong forestry for the sake of little interest, intends to empty cans of pesticide emulsifiable concentrate after cutting the original chlorine Ma to scrap disposal, in the cutting process can lead to residues within about 2.5 kg of pesticide leak into the warehouse (10 square meters), and smell. Around some people claiming to feel unwell, Lixian related departments to organize the villagers to the county hospital for examination, in addition to 7 people required to stay in hospital for observation, other people have been home. At the same time, the county pesticide residues on the ground floor coverage treatment. Currently, the plant has no pesticide odor. (reporter Zhao Ye) (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章: