National foot worth less than 14 opponents Gao Hongbo or into the team’s top 1 advantages (video)-htc802w

Orangemen worth less than 14 opponents Gao Hongbo or team 1 big advantage [Planning] review Chinese kanghan farewell "konghan soccer history" Gao Jun looking to break 2014 World Cup qualifiers, authoritative statistical institutions in Germany "the market network" had arranged the national team in the total value of contrast, the South Korean team to 48 million 180 thousand euros in total at the time of each participating country worth ranked forty-eighth, Chinese national team to 11 million 400 thousand euros in Seventy-eighth place. Over the past four years, the total value of the national team did not change significantly, although the super market bubble makes the international virtual high price in the domestic market, but the authority of valuation and have no obvious difference, South Korea is preparing for World Cup 12 finals of the Chinese team, the total value is still less than 14 opponents. Of course, a game not only to the team worth to judge the outcome, after all, Chinese team will face, is the weak against the strong and try to match The weak overcame the strong. Between the two countries has been relatively familiar, although the national team has played less, but the club level, the two players can often encounter. Especially from Guangzhou Hengda team player AFC Champions League regulars, the South Korean team is no stranger. In the squad for the national team against South Korea, only Yu Hai and Gao Lin ball. In contrast, the South Korean national team selected 21 players, Sun Xingmin, Zheng Yourong, Jin Minhe, Shi Xianjun 4 people had not any team with representatives of the Republic of Korea China team played; only played a 5 players, respectively, Qinglong Li, Ji Dong won, Korea and Ki sung Yong Huang Xican. The remaining 10 players have played a number of records, but no one has broken the door of the Chinese team. In addition, although the South Korean players mainly returnees, but these returnees players in their respective clubs this season are more general. The South Korean national team recruited 21 players, 3 goalkeeper from Japan all League defensive line; 7 players from the super 4 people, 2 people from Japan and 1 from South Korea; 9 midfielders 3 players from the Premier League, the 2 Bundesliga, 2 from South Korea, 1 people from the Super League, 1 people from Qatar; front 2 players played for Austria and Turkey. In the past year in the league, Li Qinglong, Ji Dong won, Xianjun stone and many other players in Europe was unsatisfactory, high joined Premier Sun Xingmin also some The climate does not suit one. A high guidance or national football team have a maximum advantage China advantage lies in the coach Gao Hongbo link, whether it is the age of the players or coaches age, have a full understanding and Research on the Korean football, this is South Korea’s incomparable. Gao Hongbo is the team coach since 2000 China coached the highest winning percentage, he had also coached the youth team, occupation league. South Korea’s German coach Stielike in the German side with the youth team, coached the African national team, but also coached the club in West Asia, a stranger to football in East asia. (white cloud)相关的主题文章: