National box office has continued to have a dark horse no explosion in Beijing

National box office has continued to have a dark horse no explosion – Beijing has no horse explosion ticket "despite the electricity supplier tide of the Mekong River action" dark horse in the second half of the National Day stall force mad received at the box office, still conceal the decline over the same period last year. This year the National Archives overall box office. Related statistics show that this year’s national film market stalls with a score of 1 billion 580 million compared to the same period last year ending, 1 billion 850 million results fell 270 million, down 14.6%. This is the last ten years, the first day of the National Day stalls box office fell, but also after the Spring Festival this year, the overall decline in the overall situation of the box office. According to this trend, this year’s overall movie box office wants to break through 50 billion will be more difficult. Analysis of the industry, the electricity supplier for ticket tide does influence at the box office this fall, but the key reason is the lack of reputation, can become the bursting explosion of films. Phenomenon: the national box office continued to drop the "eleven national archives is China film market reform has started growing up several lucrative" golden time "of. Although since the end of the Spring Festival this year, the film market has been stumble endlessly, the National Day file has been placed high hopes. Because from 2008 to date, nearly ten years, with the increase in the number of screens, watching the rise of enthusiasm, the national day of the box office has been to maintain a ladder type growth year after year, never disappointing. Especially from 2013 to 2015, the national day of the box office was 617 million yuan, respectively, $1 billion 91 million, $1 billion 850 million, an increase of 55%, respectively, 70%. Last year, in the "Hong Kong?", "nine layer" and "demon tower Sherlock" troubles "three carriages" driven by the national archives, the highest single day box office soared to 300 million, two single day box office movie both billions of dollars. This year the National Archives "while passing from your world", "the Mekong River", "grand track", the "trump card" four different types of ACE funny star large released, but whether it is a single day at the box office should be low or single box office over the same period last year. Statistics show that this year, the total box office National Archives at 1 billion 580 million, compared with a decrease of 14.8%, a continuation of the decline of the overall box office movie file after the spring festival. Analysis: "Pan Jinlian" withdraw file no explosion was originally scheduled for this year’s National Archives released in the film, "I’m not Pan Jinlian" and "Mekong River action" is the only two dare to advance test piece. Among them, after Feng Xiaogang’s "I am not Pan Jinlian" good reputation after the preview, at the International Film Festival Award, was originally seeded National Day this year. However, due to various reasons, "I am not Pan Jinlian" announced the temporary withdrawal of the file, the release date to November 18th, together with Ang Lee vowed to burn the cold season. "I am not Pan Jinlian" withdrawal file, this year the national archives has become the "passing from your world", "the Mekong River", "grand track", the "trump card" trump card "funny four animal" in the world, the four movie is indeed to "monopoly" National Archives at the box office. Four occupy the national box office 92.3%. Finally, "passing from your world" in the 530 million summit of the Mekong River; "cleaning action相关的主题文章: