Naked girls can not afford the threat of suicide lenders are not profitable for the meat

20 year old Junior Girls Wang Xiaoshu is "one of the parties, bare lending" because you want to delete call records by mobile phone fraud company cheated 40 thousand yuan, went on to shoot nude handheld ID as a collateral to loan road. Once the surging news of his experiences at her again recently by lenders and threats, is required to prostitution debt, so Wang Xiaoshu chose to turn the surging news.

surging news contact — lending treasure platform P2P bare are frequent, with its help to persuade Wang Xiaoshu to report, and in January 19th in Gansu near the Dingxi Railway Station will arrest the suspect yang.


in the middle of the night

January 8th evening 9 pm, Wang Xiaoshu told the surging news reporter sent a photo of her arm, people could not help but fear is a cut of two.

Wang Xiaoshu and reporter WeChat screenshot with WeChat reporter screenshot

"I’ve been in the Dutch act," Wang Xiaoshu WeChat said, "I really don’t want to live, lending just called to threaten me, let me give it to him tonight nude video in January 16th, and had to go to him, or put my pictures out."

Wang Xiaoshu said: "I was very disappointed not to offend him, he said what I have followed, have been dragged, I’m tired."

Wang Xiaoshu is a university in Gansu Shandong girl, December 20, 2016, through QQ, lenders Yang WeChat lent Wang Xiaoshu 1000 yuan, but the actual arrival of only 850 yuan, 150 yuan as early because of interest deduction, the two sides agreed well defined 15%. In addition to the requirements of each other and nude, as well as operators call records screenshots, mobile phone communication so lenders holds Wang Xiaoshu’s book. Up to the media for help, Wang Xiaoshu has repayment of more than and 300, still has a debt of $550. Lenders threatened that she had to go to Dingxi before 16 to meet the meat compensation, otherwise it will be announced to Wang Xiaoshu’s friends nude.

in fact, in addition to the crisis in front of this, Wang Xiaoshu had had two naked loan experience. The first occurred in June 2015, due to want to delete their phone call records, Baidu search and contact the relevant company after being fraud, fraud amount of 40 thousand yuan, the money comes from friends. In order to repay the debt by QQ Wang Xiaoshu friends, met the lender Cai, borrow 3000 yuan, which is 30%, due to not timely repayment, threatened to lenders and nude. After Wang Xiaoshu repeatedly used Alipay transfers a few million to pay off all debts, but the nude remand in Cai Cai hands, ask them to go to Guangdong to personally eliminate "naked", otherwise it will be sent to a friend of Wang Xiaoshu’s nude. Follow up on Wang Xiaoshu ignored, and finally broke the contact, the other did not take further action.

due to the naked bar is in the loan treasure account;