Nail Chen Hang immersed in WeChat and QQ, will erode focus, innovation e2140

Chen Hang: nail immersed in WeChat and QQ, will erode the focus and innovation of social network in the product before the upcoming iteration, whether because of the reason of stabilizing the morale of the troops, or face the doubts have been unable to avoid, Ali nail founder Chen Hang to the staff issued an internal letter, the response to a series of evaluation to the outside world the. In the letter, Chen Hang responded: all along, there is a voice that Ali is not suitable for social, nail no social gene. We have to admit that at the beginning of the social field we did pay the price of growth. But from the nail to go after, we study thousands of companies and thousands of enterprises to create a long-term, we work together with their business and entertainment, we really know how they stay together morning and night, "pain". Chen Hang said in the letter, to the B end product of the reform after the C side, until now the nail that enterprises have pain points, "in the enterprise market, no team can understand the small and medium-sized enterprises than we, no team can make more than a nail products suitable for small and medium enterprises." Chen Hang said that Alibaba has been the first to enter the mobile cloud era, the new mobile business is constantly widening the gap between business. Nail want to do is the mobile cloud of Alibaba work, the way of thinking of the Internet to share in China’s small and medium enterprises, enhance their focus and innovation, so as to help more SMEs in china. Not only is the work efficiency, more important is the way of thinking; we also see that some companies will work, life in WeChat and QQ and other personal leisure tools, the serious dislocation fragmentation of their work time, then we will erode the whole country and national attention, innovation. And nails for enterprises to enter an equal value culture, so that the upper and lower levels have more equal dialogue and exchange. There is a customer told Chen Hang, their company with nails, not only the boss can nail employees, employees can also nail boss. Before the boss on the staff of the news, but can’t ignore it, with a nail after the boss cannot be "dead", must be given a response. In addition to respond to Ali is not suitable to do social, Chen Hang for the outside world to challenge the opponent, the destruction of the industry and other issues were answered. He believes that the practice does not touch the screws, such as the practice of cheese cheese industry, but in the new era, the backward business model is doomed to be eliminated. We say that the destruction of the industry, such as the practice of free B really break the old rules of the end of the market, and some even unspoken rules, touched the interests of industry stakeholders. We can only say: sorry, our eyes are always the first user. In the era of sharing, altruism, cloud and mobility, backward and outdated business models are doomed to be eliminated. The nail founder Chen Hang internal letter: you nail close marking: I believe that years, everyone like me and heard some talk outside. Both positive and negative, the voice is a part of our growth, continue to hand poke branches and thorns like on the road, sometimes is to help us think, discern the direction of precipitation. We’ve never been on a smooth road. For more than a year, a nail has been burdened with controversy in the run, with the beginning of the heart, not tired. Before you knew it 2相关的主题文章: