Nadella to revive Microsoft’s efforts to take advantage of Microsoft’s market capitalization 17 year

reported that Microsoft’s share price has risen since its quarterly results exceeded Wall Street analysts’ expectations, and its market value has exceeded $500 billion for the first time since 2000.

in early trading on Friday, Microsoft shares rose 2.1% to $65.64, a record high, the company’s market capitalization of $510 billion 370 million.


on Thursday announced the company’s second quarter earnings. Due to the rapid growth of cloud computing business, the company in terms of revenue and profits exceeded analyst expectations. In the past 8 quarters, Microsoft has more than 7 quarterly results exceeded Wall Street expectations.

Microsoft’s market capitalization of more than $500 billion last year in March 2000, when the heyday of the.Com era. According to Thomson Reuters, Microsoft was worth slightly more than $550 billion.

Satir, chief executive of

Microsoft,, has been trying to revive the software giant since taking over Microsoft three years ago, ·. According to Thomson Reuters data, in February 2014 he started, Microsoft’s share price is about $34, the market capitalization of $315 billion.

despite rising stock prices, Microsoft in terms of market capitalization is still lagging behind apple and Google (micro-blog) parent company Alphabet. The former market capitalization of about $642 billion, while the latter market value of slightly more than $570 billion.