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Mystery guest? Li Yuchun was traced to help "girl" Li Yuchun Li Yuchun or Li Yuchun will join "refueling! Beautiful girl as a guest micro-blog large broke the news that Li Yuchun will join the refueling! Beautiful girl, Sina entertainment news by the Oriental TV joint Beijing culture to create a large original combination of young girls inspirational growth program! Beautiful girl finals will soon start. With the approaching countdown, exactly who will serve as the finals to help guests candidate to become the focus of attention. Yesterday, including a serious entertainment, circle grilled God, including a number of micro-blog large broke the news that Li Yuchun or will serve as a refueling! Girl "finals to help guests. Refueling! The beautiful young girl "has attracted much attention since its launch, by Huang Xiaoming and Hu Haiquan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Chen Yufan, [micro-blog] and victory consisting of tutor group lineup is quite brisk, girl students with wonderful interpretation of popular. Near the ending, the program will send what kind of surprise, very curious. The day before, "come on! Girl "official had leaked news that the finals will be invited to the scene to help out the mystery guest. A message that sparked a heated debate in the network, Angela Baby, Bai Baihe [micro-blog], [micro-blog], and other popular idol has become a hot candidate for users, but the official has not been officially announced. This may help Li Yuchun named "come on! Girl "the news leaked, so many viewers are full of expectations. Many netizens said, "if Li Yuchun is too good, Li Yuchun can expect and four instructors on the same stage!" As a famous singer, Li Yuchun with a unique stage style favorite. In recent years, Li Yuchun not only dabbled in music, film and television, more in the fashion circle is budding, all-round development. However, when the reporter to the refueling! Beautiful girl program group verification, the program group has given no response. It is reported that, "refueling! The finals will be broadcast on Saturday, August, 27 japan. Whether Li Yuchun will help as guests show up, curious.相关的主题文章: