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Mystery guest? "Ask" fairy feast wonderful look at the classic ten years, millions online. "Asked (micro-blog)" the heat sealing ceremony Xian new official activities open, heavily built Sendoh event, to reproduce the letter of fairy, invite all the friends gathered in Qingchengshan, together with the enlightenment soaring. The site will also have a special letter Xian mystery guests attended the ceremony together, with our friends. At the same time, "asked" the third national PK tournament is about to start in full swing, the mass of the first glimpse of a fast! "Asked" the official website: "ask" the chamber of Secrets: "ask" the fairy feast invitation: mystery guest attended the event "asked" the new letter Xian ceremony upcoming held recently, multiple surprises hey scene! The official invested heavily to invite three Tao Huang "infatuated with guest, bear, savage in sealing Xian scene, for all the friends to show a fantastic PK feast. At the same time, a new member of COS group to create the beauty of official seal ceremony will also travel to Qingchengshan Xian, and the whole close interaction between friends, passion play! Event exclusive invitation hot open grab asked the fairy assembly is now open for the majority of the friends of the road to open recruitment, Tao friends can receive invitations through the event page. The main activities by integrating the cumulative participation, fans can bind the role of the game to earn points, and daily attendance and forwarding micro-blog to get more points, accumulated to a certain points you can exchange "asked" the letter of invitation or draw ceremony xian. A grand ceremony will be held in Chengdu Xian in Qingchengshan from November 12th to 13, fans quickly gather up your points, exchange exclusive invitations! The third session of the national PK tournament hot open asked, the third national PK tournament is about to officially start tomorrow! No difference of war set off PK spree, no threshold is involved in triggering universal competition, 280 thousand cash reward invite one million friends blood war! Animal need, rare mounts, massive silver ingots Hao sent world friends! Want to stand on the pinnacle of Sendoh, enjoy fanshouweiyun rain pleasure? Come the PK tournament, Zhongzhou world hegemony for you! "Asked" the letter Xian ceremony new activities have been popular on-line game player, quickly through the page exchange invitation to participate in the activities, the site received huge prizes. More people PK game is about to open a new event of passion play. "Ask" a new wonderful, not to be missed!相关的主题文章: