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"My holy way" Busan screening force like   to an hillshade Festival – Anhui channel — the twenty-first Busan International Film Festival in South Korea in Busan Sheng potential. Yesterday (October 8th), and co Productions "finalists invited screenings of my holy way" open Busan station first block English version to see the film screen, starring nuobu, Xia Tao appeared together a lot of thorium, attracted a large number of fans attention, Anshan International Film Festival Executive Committee Zhang also personally screenings will join?. Mysterious old picture, twists and turns of the story and the growth of human nature, the theme of peace called the perfect integration, to get the audience praise. After the meeting, Zhang? On the film’s artistic value and appreciate the value judgment, and send out tenth Anshan Evergreen International Film Festival Competition unit will invite overseas, set off the climax of screenings will. Busan, viewing boom national temperament comments from "my holy way" by the Liangshan cultural radio and television media group limited, Canada Dragon International Film Company Haisheng CO produced, Emei film group issued, the famous director Zhang Li, tells the story of a young Yi Bimo (inheritors of the priests, Yi culture and History) sabadilla Iraq (knov thorium Xia ornaments) after human baptism and clan warfare, a way to find the ideal white sacred story. Previously, the film had been harvested in the screening unit of Montreal International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and the Golden Rooster flowers Chinese International Film Festival are highlighted. The "my holy way" at the Busan International Film Festival, the film sparked amazing sound surge high and sweep forward constantly, promote the national craze swept the audience. Many of the audience to see the film, the mysterious ancient Yi tribe had a strong interest in, and to take a lot of photos, Tao knov thorium, starring in the film also generous giving fans ethnic jewelry. The audience to accept an interview with reporters, expressed their viewing experience: "see from the picture, really very magnificent, let me China beauty had a strong curiosity." The audience also said: "the film with a character of growth, reflects the transformation of everyone in the real rights, in these aspects of emotion, then from the tribal plot climax in the sublimation to the theme of the world calls for peace, let people see the thrilling!" (Fan Xiaolin, commissioning editor Ma Lingling) an hillshade Festival invited the humanistic spirit in the interactive link Yang after the end of the show, a lot of pottery, sipping knov thorium was invited to make a detailed exposition of the film, the film reveals human nature, the pursuit of peace of the theme of the humanities, an international Shanguo windfall Film Festival Executive Committee Zhang issued the scene? The tenth session of Anshan Evergreen International Film Festival Competition unit overseas entry invitation, harvest audience applause. Anshan Evergreen International Film Festival in South Korea in 2006 the first as a starting point, South Korea held in Gyeonggi Do Anshan mid October each year. The film festival is located in the South Korean Film Association of the world’s multi national culture as the main theme of the film, divided into long, short film competition in the form of film festival. This year, mount Evergreen International Film Festival around the "soul, dream, love," the three major aspects of the promotion of multi-ethnic culture, social education and humanism, has now collected in the world of more than and 100相关的主题文章: