Music as the concept of the first phase of the car is intended to change the pattern of the market ( xhero

Music as the concept of the first phase of the car is intended to change the light of the market situation in the United States local time on October 19th, as the music held in LeEco, California, North America ecological floor conference. In this conference, as the super car LeSEEPRO concept car debut debut, the new car appearance details than the previous LeSEE concept car has been adjusted in the automatic driving, artificial intelligence and other aspects of the upgrade. In addition, the music also announced the music as a super car SEE program". – LeSEEPRO concept car debut LETV LeSEEPRO concept car can be seen as an upgraded version of the LeSEE concept car, the car is not much change in the design, the main part of the front face is adjusted. As an upgraded version, which is mainly in the Internet technology, automatic driving and other aspects will be improved. "The music" 100 car commentary concept car LeSEEPRO concept car with a fastback body design, the overall shape is slender. In the front part of the car, and did not use the traditional automobile front grille, similar to the LeSEE concept car, which is equipped with a LED lamp with a very personality. It is reported that the LED breathing lights can be changed according to the driving mode, driver gender and status. On the side, this concept car styling mellow, the traditional rearview mirror was replaced by the camera. The new front wing but also the integration of the overall shape of vents, showing a "arrow" style, to create a sense of speed. The car side, using the new style wheels. In the end, the design style of the LeSEEPRO concept car and the front face echo, also use LED light decoration. Interior part, LeSEEPRO concept car is very much the overall shape of science fiction, the overall design of the console is simple. As a car that can drive automatically, the steering wheel of the car can be hidden in the center console. In the rear, the car will also provide entertainment system, thanks to music as the ecosphere, the car will be able to display all the music as the content, including music, video, etc.. LeSEEPRO concept car uses a set of independent research and development of pure electric power system, the new version of the production has entered the test phase. In the future, as the independent research and development of power assembly will be reverse output to partner Aston · Martin, with the sharing of Faraday Future VPA variable electric drive chassis structure. The future of LeSEE production car will be equipped with the music as LeLive smart interconnected system, the system will be integrated on the touch of multimedia large screen, the system will be used from Qualcomm’s high-performance processor. In addition, LeMall is also likely to become an important channel for music as a vehicle sales, which means that LeMall will become a member of the automotive electricity supplier. SEE PLANLeSEE – LETV automotive vehicle will be developed based on the concept of SEE PLAN, including electric, intelligent, interconnected and shared in four parts, of which about the concept of Internet will be the integration of LeEco and all Internet resources; sharing part including car rental and LeShare into the EDAW car sharing car business. In order to achieve SEE PLAN, music as the car has been in.相关的主题文章: