More and more matte black iphone7 paint off phenomenon

iPhone 7 paint

more and more matte black iPhone 7 users complained on the apple Forum on the edge of the phone and the back of the paint off phenomenon.

a user said, sometimes because of some slight bump, his matte black iPhone 7 will appear to the edge and back off paint. Prior to the release of black iPhone 5 also encountered similar problems.


matte black iPhone 7 paint off this problem is not very extensive, but in the Forum on this issue more and more complaints, and continues to grow.

users said at the forum, they saw their matte black iPhone 7 edge and the back of the paint debris. In iPhone 7 Plus, this phenomenon is more serious. Apple aftermarket said it was just a decorative defect, unable to replace the affected iPhone 7 devices.

a user said: after the purchase of iPhone three weeks, the speaker began to paint the right side of the phenomenon of the beginning of the 7. I reflected on apple, and they sent me a photo. However, 12 days later they told me that it was just a matter of decoration, not within the warranty."

speakers around the paint is the most serious. Another user reflect, his mobile phone has never been down, even without any bump, but the paint peeling phenomenon also appears near the speaker.

in addition, the volume buttons around and around the apple logo also appeared around this problem. Another confirmed: "I use matte black iPhone 7 Plus also appears to paint problems, after I use only a week later, the back of the phone on the back of the apple logo began to paint off the phenomenon. A week later, the speakers and the volume keys near the paint also began to peel off."


products wear is a normal phenomenon, but the purchase of mobile phone soon appear peeling phenomenon is somewhat justified, it is not clear the extent of the size, in response to Apple have not yet on this issue. But there is no doubt that if your phone is matte black iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you must be careful to use, more care.

if Apple responds, it might say that this is the "normal aluminum" that falls off the cutting line…".