Mobile phone manufacturers ready The Google daydream VR platform (video). nrf905

Mobile phone manufacturers ready? The Google Daydream VR platform The Verge Chinese station in August 25, reported Bloomberg reported that Google is currently inviting some YouTube stars and other artists as the virtual reality platform Daydream content production. Sources pointed out that from the Google iJustine (real name Justine Ezarik) to buy 360 of video content and other well-known YouTube account there, but also spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of content and application of virtual reality. [VR] Google Daydream platform system demonstration video Google this move is not surprising, the company in the spring of this year’s I O Conference on the open Daydream platform. Hulu video platform will be added to the Daydream platform, IMAX, NBA and Ubisoft game makers such as will cooperate with Google. Reported that Google has invested up to $six in the number of funds for the development of the game and the creation of a small part of the content to support Jump 360 video platform. It is not clear how much of this money will be used to create exclusive video Daydream. Now there are a lot of 360 degrees YouTube video, the user can watch the phone or tablet. In addition, Hulu will choose the opportunity to put some of the content on the Daydream, but the company will not put all the content. As a part of Android’s mobile ecosystem, Google is trying to build Daydream into a ubiquitous virtual reality platform. The main mobile partner of Google have pledged to create suitable for Daydream mobile phone, the mobile phone number will support a certain standard, can be put into the Daydream headset device similar to the Samsung Gear VR, the headset will be supporting a small handheld motion controller. Up to now, Google Daydream head only announced a reference device design. Although the Daydream platform has not yet been officially announced, but the developer will be able to experience some of the features of the Android Nougat system released by the fall. (compile: Hamish) Click to view the original English相关的主题文章: